Radial Tonebone BigShot I/O Instrument Selector (Old Version)

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Radial Tonebone BigShot I/O
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Radial Tonebone BigShot I/O Instrument Selector

The Radial Tonebone BigShot I/O Instrument Selector is a foot activated true-bypass switch designed for guitars and other instruments to allow two sources to share a common input.

Following Radial's tradition for overbuilding - the BigShot i/o is made from 14-gauge steel that will provide years of use without flexing. This of course protects the internal connections and reduces opportunity for cold solder joints to develop. All connectors are 1/4" female jacks. These include input A, input B and the output jack. It is important to note that input B is also equipped with a level control that can be activated to attenuate the input from louder instruments. This makes transitioning from one instrument to the other seamless. A common application would be connecting a low-output passive electric guitar and a high-output active acoustic guitar to the same amplifier. To expand the functionality, the BigShot i/o is also equipped with a 'mult' that is designated as a tuner output. This is always on to provide on-the-fly monitoring or could be used to supply another device.

Radial Tonebone BigShot I/O Instrument Features

  • Toggle two instruments with single foot stomp
  • Adjustable volume control to match levels
  • Separate tuner output and mute switch
  • Compact and rugged, perfect for pedalboards
  • Works with all instruments, guitar, bass, keys

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