Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool

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Radial PhazeQ
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Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool

The Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool is both a phase alignment tool and a very powerful EQ that can be used creatively for exciting new tones!

The Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool is a dual function 500-series device. As a phase alignment tool, it is used to time-align two microphones for greater clarity and realism. It also behaves like a very powerful EQ that lets you create exciting new tones that will set your recordings apart.

Designed to work with the Radial Workhorse and other 500 series racks, the Radial PhazeQ features 100% discreet class-A electronics for a warm rich, natural tone. A single control lets you adjust phase shift from 0º to 180º and clever application of a 180ºpolarity reverse extends the range to a full 360º. To further focus the effect on the fundamentals, a low-pass filter may be engaged to remove high frequency content. This is split into two ranges for added precision. The applications are diverse: a close mic and a distant room mic on a guitar amplifier; an XY pair on an acoustic guitar; the batter head and outside of a kick drum; or combining a mic'd bass cabinet with a direct feed. The Radial PhazeQ differs from the original Phazer with the addition of a wet-dry blend control. The Radial PhazeQ 'changes the rules' by taking a single source and splitting the signal to allow you to combine the original sound with the phase shifted signal to deliver an all new type of EQ. It is powerful, radical and will deliver EQ curves like none before.

As a phase adjustment tool, your recordings will attain realism. As an EQ, you will be able to orchestrate tracks like never before. The Radial PhazeQ is powerful tool that will ultimately allow you to expand your creative palette as you enter the new world of analogue phase experimentation. And once you start using it, you will never let go.

Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool Features

  • Phase align any two signals for natural tone
  • Create exciting radical EQ curves
  • 100% discreet analogue with class-A circuitry
  • Variable low-pass filter to focus fundamentals
  • Up to 360° of phase shift control
  • Low pass filter to focus effect on bass
  • Wet-dry blend control to use as a radical EQ
  • Does not ‘step’ like digital processors or software
  • Creates the fattest guitar tones ever
  • Creates the most solid kick drum ever
  • Addictive... once you get one, you’ll use it forever!

Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool Applications

  • Direct and Mic on Guitar amp
  • One Mic In and One Out of a Kick Drum
  • XY Stereo Mics on Acoustic Guitar

Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool Specifications

  • Circuit Type: Discrete Component Class A
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Dynamic Range: 102dB
  • Noise - Dry: -90dB below0dBu
  • Noise - Wet: -80dB below 0dBu
  • Maximum Output: +17dBu
  • THD+N - Dry: >0.002% @1kHz (0dB input, 100k load)
  • THD+N - Wet: >0.015% @1kHz (0dB input, 100k load)
  • Intermodulation Distortion: >0.015% @ -12dBu out
  • Input Impedance: 3.4K Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 110 Ohms
  • Phase Shift (wet): Range 1: 12 to 180 degrees, Range 2: (inverted) 192 to 360 degrees
  • Low Pass Filter: Range 1: 300Hz ~ 3.8kHz, Range 2: 3kHz ~ 38kHz
  • Omniport: Dry Signal, Balanced Output, +15dBu
  • Power Requirement: 50mA
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg)

Radial PhazeQ 500-Series Phase Adjustment Tool Includes

  • Radial PhazeQ Unit
  • User Guide
  • 3 Year Warranty

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