ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 Symphonic Ensembles & Effects

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Product Code: 9999-05590
ProjectSAM Symphobia
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ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 Symphonic Ensembles & Effects

ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 Symphonic Ensembles & Effects

ProjectSAM Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles & Effects Details

SYMPHOBIA is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ENSEMBLE MULTI-SAMPLES attained by true ensemble recordings and intense CINEMATIC EFFECTS, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. With SYMPHOBIA, you have at your disposal an extremely inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television.

ProjectSAM Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles & Effects Features

  • Live recordings of orchestral full-ensemble multi-samples captured in a beautiful concert hall environment
  • Vast library of orchestral clusters, rips and other instantly inspiring cinematic effects
  • Covering strings, all-new brass, woodwinds and much mor
  • Lots of additional cinematic content including Dystopia II and ethnic flute phrases
  • Two mic sets available: Concert Stage and Close mic
  • Orchestral sections recorded as full-range ensembles, pre-seated on the stage
  • Custom Kontakt scripting and interface offering repetition, simulated legato, octaver and more
  • Approx. 18 GB library pool in 44.1 kHz 24-bit
  • NI Kontakt Player 2 included
  • Mapping/programming unlocked, audio/scripting locked

ProjectSAM Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles & Effects Specifications

String Section Ensemble
  • 10 full-string ensemble articulations
  • 4 violin section articulations
  • 4 low string articulations in octaves
  • 12 cluster articulations
  • Upward & downward glissando
  • Wild arco, pizz & gliss textures
  • Low string and open string effects
  • Chords major, minor, open 4th, open 5th
Brass Section Ensemble
  • 4 full-brass ensemble articulations
  • 2 full-brass muted ensemble articulations
  • 3 orchestrated brass articulation combos
    3 low brass articulations in octaves
  • 5 cluster articulations
  • Horn section and tutti rips
  • Note bending phrases
  • Wild repetitions
  • Chords major, minor
Woodwind Section Ensemble
  • 6 full-woodwind ensemble articulations
  • 2 low range articulations
  • 4 cluster articulations
  • Octave runs major, minor
  • Grace notes major, minor
  • Flute & piccolo rips
  • Effect phrases
  • Wild textures & multi-phonics
Strings Brass Tutti Ensemble
  • String and brass sections playing together
  • 4 ensemble articulations
  • 2 orchestrated combo articulations
  • 4 low range articulations in octaves
  • 11 cluster articulations
  • Glissando rips
Solo String Ensemble
  • 5 solo string articulations
Full Orchestra Hits, Rips, & Trailer Risers
Dystopia II
Dystopia volume two: the dark side of SAM, featuring ambiances, textures, pads and effects created by processing and tweaking the SYMPHOBIA recordings.
Additional Content
  • Duduk phrases
  • Shakuhachi phrases
  • Native American Flute phrases
  • Bonus Orchestral Bassdrum
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