Primacoustic Razorblade Quadratic Diffuser

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Primacoustic Razorblade Diffuser
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Primacoustic Razorblade Quadratic Diffuser

Primacoustic Razorblade True Quadratic Diffuser (Black)

Primacoustic Razorblade True Quadratic Diffuser Details

The Razorblade is a high-performance quadratic residue diffuser that employs an array of 15 wells - specifically measured to break up and scatter acoustic energy to create a diffuse sound field.

Large, heavy quadratic residue diffusers like the Razorblade are commonly considered to be the most effective form of sound diffusion as they are able to control and disperse directional sound energy all the way down to 400Hz, thus eliminating problems such as standing waves, flutter echo and primary reflections while retaining the natural 'air' and ambiance of the room.

Razorblades are generally positioned at the 'receive' end of the room whereby sound entering the various wells is reflected back into the room at different times due to the various well depths. This effectively breaks up sound waves and their phase relationships, scattering the acoustic energy across a wider spectrum, eliminating resonant peaks.

The Razorblade is ideally suited for studio installations, soft seat theatres, high-end home theatres and performance venues.

Primacoustic Razorblade True Quadratic Diffuser Features

  • True quadratic residue diffuser
  • Full 8" deep with 15 wells
  • Diffuses energy from 400Hz up
  • Adds air and retains natural ambiance
Primacoustic Razorblade True Quadratic Diffuser Specifications
  • Frame Material:  Baltic Birch Plywood, Black Finish
  • Dimensions:  24" x 48" x 8"
  • Mounting Hardware:  n/a
Primacoustic Razorblade True Quadratic Diffuser Manual
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