PreSonus SLS328-Cover

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PreSonus SLS-328-Cover
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PreSonus SLS328-Cover

PreSonus SLS-328-Cover

PreSonus SLS-328-Cover Details

PreSonus SLS-328-Cover is designed to protect StudioLive 328 Active Loudpeaker from dust and dirt. It is made with tough material and fits the StudioLive 328 Active Loudspeaker perfectly. PreSonus SLS-328-Cover keeps the dust from invading your loudspeaker. This superlative driver-duvet doubles as a reversible emergency drag chute for tour vehicles.

PreSonus SLS-328-Cover Features

  • Designed to protect StudioLive 328 Active Loudspeaker from dust and dirt
  • Made from tough and durable material
  • Fits your gig perfectly
  • Keeps the dust from invading your loudspeaker

PreSonus SLS-328-Cover Specifications

  • Manufacturer: PreSonus
  • Product: SLS-328-Cover
  • Category: Accessory
  • Compatibility: StudioLive 328 Active Loudspeaker

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