PreSonus AIR Loudspeaker Package

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PreSonus PA Package
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PreSonus AIR Loudspeaker Package

Front End Audio has put together this portable PreSonus AIR Loudspeaker Package for the musician and/or DJ on the go. Designed around the Presonus Air Loudspeakers, this package ensures Presonus quality while keeping an affordable price point in mind.

If the AR10's are not enough speaker for your application, easily upgrade to the AIR12's or AIR15's. Need more low end? Then add a subwoofer. We are also throwing in a pair of quality RapcoHorizon balanced cables and a pair of heavy-duty speaker stands so you are ready to go right out of the box.

PreSonus AIR Loudspeakers

Compact and lightweight, the PreSonus AIR active loudspeakers provide a rich, extended low-end and natural high-frequency extension in an enclosure that will easily fit in the backseat of a small car. Backed by 1,200W (dynamic) of Class D/Class AB power and enhanced with easy-to-use digital tuning functions, AIR full-range systems give you all the power and tools you need for both mobile and installed sound.

The series includes three full-range loudspeakers: The AIR10 is based on a 10-inch woofer, while the AIR12 has a 12-inch woofer and the AIR15 relies on a 15-inch woofer. The full-range loudspeakers are driven by a distinctive amplification system that uses the respective strengths of Class D and Class A/B amplifiers. A 500W (continuous), Class D amplifier drives the low-frequency driver, providing efficient, clean power for powerful low end. A 200W (continuous), Class A/B amplifier powers the high-frequency driver, delivering a natural, "AIR-y" high end.

For more information on the AIR Loudspeakers click here: PreSonus AIR Loudspeakers

PreSonus AIR Subwoofers

Need more low end, just add a AR15s or AIR18s sub! We will also throw in a RapcoHorizon balanced cable to round out this option. The Presonus AIR15s and Presonus AIR18s active subwoofers complete the series. Both the AR15s and AIR18s models employ 1,200 watts (dynamic) of Class D power to provide detailed bottom end all the way down to 35 Hz. Although designed for use with AIR-series full-range loudspeakers, AIR-series subwoofers can be used with virtually any full-range loudspeaker thanks to their variable lowpass filter. Optimized presets for the AIR10, AIR12, and AIR15 make it easy to dial in your AIR 3-way system.

For more information on the AIR Subwoofers click here: PreSonus AIR Subwoofers

PreSonus AIR Loudspeaker Package Includes

  • x2 Presonus AIR Loudspeakers (Based on Option Selected)
  • On-Stage Stands SSP7900 Speaker Stand Package
  • 20-Foot Balanced Line Cables
  • Front Ends Audio's Commitment to Service!

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