Pearl Microphones Margarita Pickup

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Product Code: 9999-07594
Pearl Microphones Margarita
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Pearl Microphones Margarita Pickup

The Pearl Microphones Margarita Pickup is a Piezo-electric pickup for use with all kinds of acoustic string instruments, such as guitar, violin, double bass and many more.

The Pickup attaches to the instrument with an adhesive compound such as “Tack-it”. Distribute a thin layer of “Tack-It” on to the flat surface of the Margarita and attach it to the instrument. Press the Pickup firmly to the instrument body. Find the best sounding place by experimenting. On a guitar the lower part of front side is a good start.

Connect the output of the Pickup to a high-z input. The Pickup is supplied with 2 metre cable and is available with or without connector upon request.

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