Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen

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Pauly Ton PR120-02
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Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen

The Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen is a creatively intelligent system for mounting the Pauly Ton PR120 popscreen to small-diaphragm end-address microphones. The Pauly Ton PR120 provides you results that truly improve tracking performance!

The Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen is a special non-gooseneck version of the Pauly Superscreen designed to fit snuggly on the body of a small diaphragm end-address microphone. A very clever mounting system makes the Ton Pauly PR120-02 Superscreen mounting system really work in the studio. It uses the same 4 and 5/8 inch diameter Superscreen as the "01" version, but has a different mount arrangement that holds the Supersceen out in front of a small diapragm mic. As long as the mic body circumference is between 3.625" and 2.5" it will fit.

The Pauly Ton PR120-02's "02" mount positions the Superscreen 3 inches out in front of the front edge of the strap itself, so in most cases, the screen will be 1 to 2 inches in front of the mic. This enables you to use small diaphragm mics in situations where popping is a factor, such as horns, dialogue or even vocals.

Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen Features

  • "02" Mounting System holds the Superscreen 3 inches from the mic body mount - this positions the screen within 1" to 2" from the diaphragm, depending on the microphone itself
  • Non-reflective texture coated medium grey finish
  • Screen fabric will last a lifetime
  • Some Tips for Care and Feeding of your Pauly Superscreen:
    • DO NOT allow food or spit to accumulate on the screen
    • The screen can be cleaned with a very mild soap (such a dishwashing soap) and water. Do not use chemicals or scrub the screen with abrasive

Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen Specifications

  • Supercreen Dimensions: 4.75" in diameter by 3/8"deep
  • "02" Clear Rubber Mounting Strap Dimensions: 8.5" long by 1.5" inches wide
  • Required Microphone Body Circumference Range:
    • 3.625" (largest)
    • 2.5" (smallest)

Pauly Ton PR120-02 Superscreen Includes

  • PR120 Superscreen
  • "02" rubber strap mount

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