Overloud Breverb 2 Reverb Plug-in

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Overloud Breverb 2
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Overloud Breverb 2 Reverb Plug-in

Overloud Breverb 2 Reverb Plug-In

Overloud Breverb Reverb Plug-in Details

The BREVERB reverb plug-in was carefully crafted to match the effects of some of the most acclaimed hardware reverb solutions. Its 4 algorithms - Hall, Room, Plate, Inverse - and the way they were engineered, provide uncompromising sound that is more flexible than your average convolution reverb unit. Overeloud BREVERB's intuitive GUI offers a full EQ section, six fully assignable faders, an extended non-linear section for easy shape creation, "motion" controls, full automation through host sequencers, and real-time MIDI control. The BREVERB has RTAS, VST, and AU formats that work with both Macs and PCs.

Overloud Breverb Reverb Plug-in Features

  • 4 main Algorithms: Hall, Room, Plate, and Inverse
  • Advanced and hardware-like GUI
  • Much more flexible than a convolution reverb
  • Able to recreate the same reverb sound of countless hits
  • Modeled after the most sought-after hardware units
  • Each Algorithm is engineered with no compromises in order to achieve maximum quality
  • Full EQ section to tailor BREVERB frequency response
  • Extended Non-linear section to forge reverberation shape
  • "Motion" controls add liveness and musicality
  • 2 different user interface modes: compact and hardware-like
  • 6 fully assignable hardware-like faders
  • Full automation through host sequencers
  • Realtime MIDI control off all paramters through the six faders
  • No additional latency introduced
  • RTAS, VST, and Audio Unit formats available for Mac (Universal) and PC
  • Very low CPU usage: 120 stereo instances safely opened on a Core2Duo 2.4 GHz MacBookPro
  • Host-sync of all rates and times

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