Omnirax Force 32 Workstation


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The Omnirax Force 32 Workstation is an elegant and expansive solution ideal for audio and video production. With ample rack space, wide monitor shelf, pleanty of leg-room, and an adjustable keyboard mouse shelf, the Force 32 offers an unparalleled functionality and mobility.

The Omnirax Force 32 Workstation is part of the esteemed Force Series, an elegant and expansive line of workstations designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals in audio/video editing, music production, and Communications/Dispatch applications. This workstation is meticulously crafted to provide an exceptional user experience, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Omnirax Force 32 is available in black-melamine, providing a sleek and modern look. Additionally, users have the option to choose high-pressure laminate surfaces for both the desk and riser, elevating the workstation's appearance to a high-end level. The Force 32 boasts four 2-space rack bays positioned above the desk surface, offering convenient storage for essential audio/video equipment and peripherals. Furthermore, two 12-space rack bays located below the desk surface provide substantial storage capacity for further organization. The Force 32 is designed with a wide monitor shelf that comfortably accommodates multiple video monitors, enabling users to immerse themselves in their tasks and achieve seamless multitasking. Ample leg-room between the bottom cabinets ensures a comfortable and ergonomic working posture, minimizing strain during extended work sessions and promoting productivity.

Equipped with heavy-duty casters, the Omnirax Force 32 offers enhanced mobility, making it effortless to relocate the workstation as needed. The casters also facilitate efficient cable management, keeping the workspace organized and clutter-free. The Force 32 includes a hi-end adjustable keyboard mouse shelf, providing users with an ergonomic typing experience and flexibility in setting up their preferred working environment.

The Omnirax Force 32 Workstation stands out as a top-of-the-line solution for professionals seeking an exceptional workspace tailored to their audio/video editing, music production, or communication needs. With its premium material choices, abundant rack space, wide monitor shelf, comfortable leg-room, and adjustable keyboard mouse shelf, this workstation ensures both functionality and style. The mobility provided by heavy-duty casters adds convenience to any workspace, making it easy to adapt the setup to changing requirements. Elevate your productivity and create an elegant work environment with the Omnirax Force 32 Workstation, where versatility meets sophistication.

Special Note

Unless otherwise noted, all Omnirax furniture comes in standard Black Melamine finish. Optional finishes are available so please contact us for your customized quote. See product description for detailed information on what accessories are included with your Omnirax furniture. Some accessories that may be shown in product pictures are optional and will not be included. All Omnirax furniture is built-to-order so expect a lead time prior to shipping.

Omnirax Force 32 Workstation Features

  • Four 2-space rack bays above the desk surface
  • Two 12-space rack bays below
  • Wide monitor shelf for multiple video monitors
  • Plenty of leg-room between bottom cabinets
  • On heavy-duty casters for mobility and easy cabling
  • Hi-end adjustable keyboard mouse shelf

Omnirax Force 32 Workstation Specifications

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 36.2"
    • Depth: 40.3"
    • Width: 91.9"
    • Weight: 370 lbs.
    • Rackspace: 48
  • Details:
    • Desk Surface Dimensions: 17.8" x 71.2"
    • Desk Surface Height: 26.8"
    • Desk Space in Front of Bridge: 21.0"
    • Nearfield Monitor Height: 31.5"
    • Video Monitor Shelf: 31.6" H x 92.7" W (Depth Varies)

Omnirax Force 32 Workstation Includes

  • Omnirax Force 32 Workstation
  • Computer Keyboard Shelf
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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