Oktava ML-52 Ribbon Microphone


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The Oktava ML-52 Ribbon Microphone combines stunning looks with the classic sound of the double ribbon filament, which make this microphone a MUST HAVE in the studio. The ML-52 has been designed to show once again that this classic ribbon sound should never have been ignored or forgotten.

The Oktava ML-52 is suitable for use in any situation where a warm and rounded sound is required, The ML-52 is well suited towards string and brass instruments giving a sparkling but never harsh overall sound, but also particularly pleasing with vocals. The ribbon sound lending it an air of nostalgia whilst competing with modern condenser designs in terms of frequency response. The virtually non existent noise floor means that, used in conjunction with a good preamp. it is an ideal mic for digital recording. The advent of the condenser microphone helped to make the world forget how good ribbon microphones could be.

Front End Audio is the exclusive Oktava distributor for the USA and we only sell genuine Russian made microphones. As of August 2021, Oktava has introduced updated packaging for all Oktava microphones. The new packaging features a high-end color printed flip box with magnetic closure and a rigid foam insert. This new packaging is designed to bring cohesiveness to the brand and provide the most protection for Oktava microphones during transportation and storage.  Want to know more, check out the official Oktava press release here.

Oktava ML-52 Ribbon Microphone Features

  • Polar Pattern: Figure of eight
  • Frequency Response: 20hz to 20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 1,6mV/Pa
  • Aluminium Ribbon: 2.5 micron
  • Nominal Output Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Maximum SPL @ 1kHz: 135dB
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 1,2V

Oktava ML-52 Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • ML-52 Ribbon Microphone
  • Stand Mount
  • Color Printed Cardboard Box

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