Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2 500-Series Microphone Preamp

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Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2
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Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2 500-Series Microphone Preamp

The Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2 500-Series Microphone Preamp is a microphone preamp module designed for the 500-series by Malcolm Toft. It features phantom power, phase reverse, and 60dB of gain!

Ocean Audio products are designed by the distinguished pro-audio designer, Malcolm Toft.Malcolm joined Trident Studios in 1968 as it's first recording engineer. At that time it was the only studio in Europe to have 8 track recording facilities. It soon gained a worldwide reputation for the quality of it's equipment and engineers.Malcolm worked with Tony Visconti on three Tyrannosaurus Rex albums (the band later became T-Rex). He also engineered David Bowie's "Space Oddity" album and James Taylor's first album. He was also a mixing engineer on the Beatles biggest selling single "Hey Jude" which was recorded at Trident.

In 1971 Malcolm became manager of the studios and was tasked with finding a new 24 track console for the studios. It soon became apparent to him that they could not get a console to the specifications and facilities that they required from any of the manufacturers around at that time. So Malcolm convinced the studio owners that they could build their own console. Consequently, In conjunction with the studio's maintenance engineer Barry Porter, he designed the Trident A Range console as it became known.

This led to the birth of Trident Audio Developments which Malcolm ran until 1988 when he sold it to a public company. In 1992 he was asked to design a replacement for the Trident Series 80 console which the new owners were no longer manufacturing. This Malcolm did and he started a new company Malcolm Toft Associates Ltd (MTA). Clients for MTA consoles include Radiohead and The Liverpool Institute of performing arts. Latterly he has designed the highly successful Toft ATB console range for PMI Audio.

Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2 Features

  • Mic / Line Preamp module for the 500-Series
  • Discrete transistor front end
  • Balanced input and output
  • Gain Range from -10 dB to 60 dB
  • Separate Hi-Z input with gain control (on front panel)
  • 80 Hz hi-pass filter switch
  • Phantom Power switch
  • Phase Reverse switch
  • Attitude switch for extra colour
  • Designed by Malcolm Toft
  • Hand-crafted and hand-wired by Ocean Audio in the UK

Ocean Audio 500 Mic Pre 2 Specifications

  • Mic Input impedance: 1.2 Kohms transformer balanced
  • Hi-Z/Line input impedance: 1Mohm unbalanced
  • Output impedance: 600 ohms transformer balanced
  • Maximum output: > +21dbm
  • Distortion (mic): < 0.1% at +20dbm 1 kHz
  • Frequency Response: ± 1 db 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Noise (mic): > -126 dbm E.I.N. 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Power requirements: ±16V DC 30mA approx.
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