Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter

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Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA
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Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter

The Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter is a high performance mastering quality multi-channel converter which offers A/D and D/A conversion for all sampling rates from 44.1k to 192k. Pound for pound, the Mytek 8x192 ADDA should be considered seriously when it's time for you to upgrade your digital section - THE most critical choke-point in and out of your recorder/DAW.

Optional DSD firmware and hardware provides DSD (standard 64x) and hi-speed 128x DSD conversion for use in true 1-Bit recording and mixing for SACD and archival use. Onboard you will also find an 8-Channel summing amp (source selectable), headphone monitoring, and volume control for the stereo outputs. This makes the Mytek 8x182 perhaps the ultimate convert/interface for live or remote recordings. Lastly, but certainly not insignificant, is word-clock distribution provided by 6 BNC outputs. Perfect for all styles of music and for surround mixing, the wide array of interfacing options and additional features makes the Mytek 8X192ADDA one of the best possible choices available today and one of the best deals in converters when you really weigh it out. Plus you are getting some of the finest conversion available anywhere.

As an added bonus, the Mytek 8x192 ADDA comes with your choice of the following FREE DIO Cards:

  • HDX DIO Card
  • ADAT DIO card
  • USB 2.0 DIO Card
  • MADI DIO Card

Additionally to analog-digital-analog conversion the Mytek Digital 8X192 features the following:

  • Digital format conversion between AES and any of two optional DIO Cards installed
  • True precision mastering grade 1dB per step stepped attenuator
  • Analog mix buss assignable to 4 pairs of stereo channels or 8 mono channels
  • Additional to 8 analog outputs, 2 XLR outputs which can be assigned to any pair of channels or Mix Buss output5) Hi-current (500mA), hi-speed, low distortion transparent headphone amplifier

Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter Features

  • 1-Rack-Space, 8-Channel AD/DA Converter and Word Clock Generator
  • Audiophile quality conversion,120dB, 192 kHz, DSD
  • Built-in precision Word-Clock with 6 BNC Word-Clock Outputs for ample word-clock distribution
  • Built-in Analog Summing Buss
  • Analog monitor section with stepped attenuator
  • Audiophile quality Headphone Amplifier
  • Built in 8 channel AES/EBU input-output

Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter Specifications

  • Conversion: Linear 24 bit PCM,
    • 128x oversampling at 44.1/48k
    • 64x oversampling at 88.2/96/176.4/192k
  • Optional Conversion: 64xDSD, 128xDSD
  • Dynamic Range ADC: 120dB (A weighted)
  • THD+Noise ADC: -106dB (<0.0004%)
  • Dynamic Range DAC: 123dB (A weighted)
  • THD+Noise ADC: -110dB (<0.0003%)
  • Internal clock jitter: <10picoseconds
  • Analog Inputs: +4dBm balanced or unbalanced, 10kOhm, D25
  • Analog Outputs: +4dBm balanced or unbalanced, D25 plus 2 XLR
  • Digital intputs: 8 Hi-speed (25-200kHz) AES/EBU or SPDIF D25
  • Digital outputs: 8 Hi-speed (25-200kHz) AES/EBU or SPDIF D25
  • The pinouts of D25 I/O connectors are compatible with Protools HD (tm) Digisnakes (tm)
  • External Sync.: Wordclock in and out. Wordlock Out can be used as house clock: 15 LS TTL loads max.
  • Worclock outputs.: 6 separate Wordlock Outs to be used as house clock: 15 LS TTL loads max. Can be terminated.
  • Headphone out.: Hi-current (500mA), hi-speed, stereo
  • Mix buss : 2x4 pairs or 8 mono, true analog mix buss
  • Stepped attenuator: 24 steps assignable to phones and XLR outs
  • Mains: 100/115V-220/240V 50/60Hz switchable
  • Dimensions: 1 rack space wide x 1U high x 9" deep (17" x 1.6" x 9")
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter Options

  • Cable Package: You can choose to include the Mytek Digital Snake Bundle for 8X192ADDA. This cable bundle includes analog input, analog output, and AES/EBU snakes, so you'll be able to get your 8X192 ADDA properly hooked up and integrated into your studio.

What We Think - Mytek Digital 8X192 ADDA Converter

"Mytek Digital Converters are clean and clear, stunningly dimensional, and are ridiculously good sounding. My personal experience with Mytek goes back to 1999 with the 8X86. Never before had I heard such a great sounding converter in a multichannel format: and I was working in a world class studio that saw lots of great gear come through the door daily. The Myteks blew the doors off of any other converter that had come through the door, hands down. Now, consider the refinement/upgrade of the 8x96 into the 8x192 ADDA - you add in the features of DSD capability, word-clock generator/distribution, on-board mixer/summing amp, and headphone amp, and you come away understanding that the 8x192 ADDA is a great value for such a world-class and flexible piece. The mixer/summing section really is a professional's tool, allowing a direct stereo output for sending to a separate stereo recorder for instant reference of the day's activities without having to spend time and the end of the session to run off roughs of everything. We used to always run DATs off of the board for a constant document of everything that took place during the session - a wonderful forensic document when having to research a take without having to whip out the multi-tracks. So this mixer function is born out of that.But it's also a great tool for remote recordists who need a quick and direct form of monitoring right off of the converter. The analog sections of the Mytek are every bit as impressive as it's digital sections, making for one of the strongest units available anywhere - and it's the choice of some of the most discriminating engineers anywhere. Pound for pound, the Mytek 8x192 ADDA ought to be considered seriously when it's time for you to upgrade your digital section - THE most critical choke-point in and out of your recorder/DAW."

 - Front End Audio

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