MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen

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Product Code: 9999-11372
MXL RF-100
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MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen

The MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen is a lightweight portable device designed to minimize unwanted room ambiance and reflections in difficult environments. Utilizing a unique five panel design constructed with high quality metal and acoustic foam, the MXL RF-100 is suitable for use on both straight and boom type microphone stands.

The MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen provides portable sound isolation and is designed to reduce unwanted reflections and ambient room noise when recording in untreated performance spaces - a major problem in most home and project studios. The desired result of course is obtaining the driest vocal and instrument recordings possible. Recordings free from bad reflections and excessive room ambience are easier to work with and always sit better in the mix helping to achieve that professional radio-ready sound.

The MXL RF-100 features two unique side panels allowing it to adapt to any recording environment or be adjusted to obtain the sound you're looking for. Also, its lightweight design and included mounting hardware make it compatible with most mic stands eliminating the need to purchase a heavy-duty and often pricey stand to accommodate the filter.

MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen Features

  • Five Panel design, with adjustable outer panels for both easy transportation and simple fine tuning
  • High quality metal construction, with acoustic foam lining
  • Dual mounting methods
  • Provides portable sound isolation
  • Reduces unwanted reflections and ambient room noise
  • Adjustable side panels allow it to adapt to any recording environment
  • Suitable for both floor and boom microphone stands
  • Lightweight design and included mounting hardware make it compatible with most mic stands

MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen Specifications

  • Manufacturer: MXL
  • Product: RF-100 Reflection Filter
  • Category: Accessory
  • Maximum Length: 150mm
  • Adjustable Range: 115mm
  • Support Height: 105mm
  • Dimensions: (W x H x D) 400mm x 320mm x 260mm
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg

MXL RF-100 Reflection Screen Includes

  • MXL RF-100 Reflection Filter
  • Adjustable Support Bar with Microphone Attachment
  • Wrench
  • User Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

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