MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter

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MXL PF-003
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MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter

The MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter is a studio-grade universal mesh pop-filter with a metal design for maximum rigidity and minimal wear. While eliminating plosives, the PF-003 helps collect condensation from one’s breath and protects the microphone’s capsule from moisture in the process.

The MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter mounts onto any standard microphone stand with the included clamp mount. The gooseneck provides flexible placement.

Condensation on the microphone’s capsule will cause the microphone to short circuit - resulting in the microphone cutting in and out of operation. Should this occur, you can leave the microphone uncovered, out in the open for approximately two weeks to thoroughly dry. This will likely rectify the problem. Afterward, you should always use an MXL PF-003 Pop Filter.

MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter Features

  • Studio-grade universal metal mesh pop-filter
  • Offers maximum rigidity and minimal wear
  • Eliminates the plosives and protects the mic’s capsule from moisture

MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter Specifications

  • Type: Universal
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Silver

MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter Includes

  • MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter
  • Clamp Mount
  • Gooseneck

MXL PF-003 Pop-Filter Downloads

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