MOTU Track16 Audio Interface

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MOTU Track16
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MOTU Track16 Audio Interface

The MOTU Track16 Audio Interface packs in a ton of professional features and functions, in a super compact desktop interface that can easily travel anywhere.

Track16 exhibits simple operation, clean design, studio-grade sound quality. These design principles through and through. And don't let its compact size deceive you. There's plenty of I/O available for a well-equipped personal studio, ready for multi-player recording sessions. Track16's pristine mic preamps, balanced line-level audio connections, and renowned. MOTU engineering deliver world-class audio quality. Track16 sets the bar high for detailed metering in such a compact interface. You get dedicated 7-segment main out meters, and configurable meters for all other analog inputs and outputs. Just press the METERS button to toggle between the blue and white labels. It's easy to monitor your signal levels at a glance with Track16.

MOTU Track16 Audio Interface Features

  • Two mic inputs with individual preamps
  • Two guitar inputs
  • Two pairs of line inputs
  • Four analog outputs
  • MIDI I/O
  • Two headphone jacks
  • Optical I/O

MOTU Track16 Audio Interface Specifications

  • Mac System Requirements
    • PowerPC G4 CPU 1 GHz or faster (including any Mac with a PowerPC G5 or any Intel processor)
    • 1 GB RAM; 2 GB or more recommended
    • Mac OS X version 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, or 10.5; v10.5.8 or later required
    • Available FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0 port
    • A large hard drive (preferably at least 250 GB)
  • Windows System Requirements
    • 1 GHz Pentium-based PC compatible or faster equipped with at least one USB2 or FireWire port
    • 1 GB RAM; 2 GB or more recommended
    • Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista, 32- or 64-bit; Vista SP 2 or later required
    • Available FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0 port
    • A large hard drive (preferably at least 250 GB)
  • 64-bit operation
    • For computer audio I/O: Mac OS X 10.8 or later; Windows 7 or later
    • For web app control: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

MOTU Track16 Audio Interface Includes

  • Track16 Audio Interface
  • Track16 DB25 I/O cable
  • 9-pin to 9-pin IEEE 1394 “FireWire” B cable
  • USB cable
  • Universal DC power adapter
  • Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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