Morley PVO+ Volume Plus

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Morley PVO+
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Morley PVO+ Volume Plus

Morley PVO+ Volume Plus

Morley PVO+ Volume Plus Details

The ultimate Volume pedal! Electro-Optical circuitry and audio taper allow smooth, studio quiet volume control. Minimum Volume knob is used to set two distinct rhythm and lead volumes. The Min Vol control is also foot-switchable. Housing is made of cold-rolled steel and equipped with LED indication, easy access battery compartment and two-year warranty.

Morley PVO+ Volume Plus Features

  • Switchable minimum volume control
  • Electro-optical volume pedal is consistent and studio quiet (no pots to wear out)
  • Audio taper allows smooth volume control or violin-type swells
  • Minimum volume knob is used for a smooth transition between rhythm and lead volumes
  • LED indication and easy access battery compartment
  • Works with guitar, bass, keys, or any other instrument
  • Two year warranty

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