Morley CLW Classic Wah

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Morley CLW
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Morley CLW Classic Wah

Morley CLW Classic Wah

Morley CLW Classic Wah Details

Morley, makers of pedals and switches, introduces the Classic Wah (Model CLW). The Classic Wah contains the famous Morley Wah sound found in pedals of the 70's and 80's. Like all Morley pedals, the Classic Wah is controlled via Morley's renowned Electro-Optical circuitry. No mechanical pot means long lasting wah-wah wailing. Designed to be completely road worthy, the Classic Wah housed in a heavy-duty metal chassis. Equipped with LED indication and easy access battery compartment, it comes with Morley's hassle-free 2-year warranty.

Morley CLW Classic Wah Features

  • BOOST control: Controls Wah output. Adds up to 20dB of Wah Boost.Electro-Optical Switching: Your pedal features Electro-Optical switching circuitry that allows the Power Wah to go into WAH mode without actuating a switch.
  • Silent Switching: To further enhance the noiseless operation of our Electro-Optical design, we've added FET silent switching. Standard foot switches will pop and click when switching from WAH to Bypass.
  • Buffer Circuit: Morley's "Clear Tone" buffer circuit prevents "loading" of the guitar signal. Ensures a strong, clean & consistent output level in Wah or bypass mode.

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