Mogami Bantam TT Patch Cable (24 Inch)

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Mogami Bantam TT Patch Cable
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Mogami Bantam TT Patch Cable (24 Inch)

Mogami Bantam 24 Inch TT Patch Cable

Mogami Bantam TT Patch Cable Details
MOGAMI BANTAM patch cords are the first high definition audio cables specially designed for recording studio engineers and broadcast professionals. Made with W2893 Neglex Quad Cable.

Mogami Bantam TT Patch Cable Features
  • Super-flexible Quad-Balanced NEGLEX OFC wiring and Overall Served (Spiral) Shield provide maximum definition, detail and signal transparency in addition to giving excellent protection from electro-magnetic noise.
  • Maintenance free with durable nickel plated tip / ring / sleeve connector preventing from tarnishing. Degradation of the sound quality caused by secular change becomes extremely low on account of it.
  • Compact low profile molded design permits use in high density jack fields
    BANTAM PLUG : Overall Diameter 7.8mm (0.307")
  • Interchangeable color rings for easy patch cord identification.
  • Choice of five attractive colors: Black â?¢ Red â?¢ Yellow â?¢ Green â?¢ Blue
  • We stock and ship Black as standard, please specify other colors if desired

***PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT 1/4-inch patch cables! Do not order unless you know that you have a Tiny-Telephone or Bantam patchbay. If you need 1/4-inch TRS patch cables, then see the Mogami Pure Patch SS balanced patch cables (not the PP, which are unbalanced - TS).

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