Misa Digital Tri-Bass Digital Guitar

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Product Code: 9999-11762
Misa Digital Tri-Bass
Availability: Pre-Order, Expected october 2019

Misa Digital Tri-Bass Digital Guitar

Please note THE MISA TRI-BASS IS DISCONTINUED. If you are placing an order from this page then you are pre-ordering the new version that is expected it to launch late 2019. While Misa relocated their factory to Australia, they decided to improve and enhance the design of the midi instrument, ultimately leading to the design of a new instrument. We are not aware of the name, nor are we aware of pricing, but we do expect an increase in price. Though, the new instrument will be well worth more than any change in pricing. Stay tuned for an awesome evolution of an already innovative product. If you have any questions please contact us before placing an order otherwise we will update you with information as it becomes available!


The Misa Digital New instrument

While there are still a few things Misa needs to do to get the new instrument ready, there are some cool features to share. We expect more information in a month or two.

The New Misa Digital instrument will have some very cool features, it is expected to include the following:

  • Audio Output
  • Midi In and Out
  • Midi Clock Sync
  • Open Source Operating System
  • Ability to install Virtual Instruments (was demo'ed at NAMM with Massive loaded on)
  • File Folder Browsing for installed instruments
  • Customized Screen Layout
  • And the Ability to swap from the Tri-Bass Neck to the Kitara Neck, using a proprietary locking system.


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