MakeMusic Finale Notation Software (Academic Version)

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MakeMusic Finale
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MakeMusic Finale Notation Software

This product is an educational version. The significant savings is intended for qualified students and educators of approved educational institutions. Proof of eligibility is required to qualify for this offer so please contact Front End Audio for additional information or questions.

The MakeMusic Finale Notation Software is the world-wide industry standard in music notation software. Anywhere music appears on the printed page, Finale likely created those pages. Finale helps the choir to sing, the band to march, the students to learn, and the orchestra to raise the excitement level in the latest blockbuster movie.

Part of what sets Finale apart is its unique ability to create anything on the printed page. Where other software offers paint-by-numbers solutions, Finale offers complete freedom and flexibility. As a result, musicians around the world rely on Finale to create, edit, audition, print, and publish the widest variety of musical scores.

Finale also offers breathtakingly realistic music playback, and more ways to share music with others.

Today’s Finale represents the latest evolution in music notation software, making Finale’s signature freedom and flexibility easy for everyone to use.

MakeMusic Finale Notation Software Features

  • Full 64-bit application
  • Create tall time signatures easily
  • When entering notes into transposing staves, the software plays the correctly transposed pitch, both upon entry and playback
  • ReWire support makes it possible to use Finale simultaneously with audio software such as Digital Performer, Pro Tools, and Logic
  • Included Garritan sounds significantly augmented
  • Getting started with Finale is easy, whether it's setting up a score, picking a music font, or watching a QuickStart Video
  • Multiple note-entry methods include from MIDI, using the mouse, computer keyboard, or importing files
  • Automates and streamlines the process of entering lyrics, guitar tabs, chords and more
  • Perfect a score with handy editing tools like the Selection tool, Multiple page editing, ScoreManager, and intuitive cut, copy, and paste options
  • More Garritan sounds, new ARIA Player, improved Human Playback support for external sound libraries, and several innovative tools make the composed music sound as good as it looks
  • Collaborate and share electronic documents with expanded MusicXML import and export, in addition to printed pages and audio files
  • SmartMusic support, customizable music education worksheets, and the Exercise Wizard offer music educators more ways to save time
  • Includes idea-generating features, essential tools like transposition and range checking, and time savers like Linked Parts
  • Open or save a standard MIDI file to work in conjunction with the industry's most in-demand production and sequencing programs
  • Video support and a built-in mixer are just two of many tools that help prepare a score for final production

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