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The Lynx Hilo USB AD/DA Converter is designed for audio professionals who demand the purest audio quality with innovative features and control; all wrapped up into a single converter with USB connectivity.

Engineered to be a true all-in-one device, Hilo offers class-leading AD/DA conversion, built-in metering and analysis, multiple ins and outs, hyper-flexible routing and monitoring control — all easily saved and recalled via touchscreen, whatever work you do. Hilo completely redefines and evolves the category of the two channel converter. Of utmost importance is the audio signal quality. The completely new design of the analog stages and converter topology for Hilo break new ground in terms of lowering distortion and noise while maintaining transparency for A/D and D/A conversion. Beyond that, Hilo offers extensive I/O capabilities and utilizes the latest FPGA technology with vast resources for control, routing, and signal processing capabilities. Also in development are diagnostic and analysis tools for Hilo. The LCD screen is a natural interface for these functions.

It is impossible to compare Hilo to other two channel AD and DA converters. In fact it is a unique product that is, at first, a little difficult to get your head around. Basically, Hilo replaces three different, critical components. Firstly, Hilo is an analog to digital converter. Secondly, it is also a digital to analog converter. With most companies, these are two separate units. Thirdly, it is an independent headphone amplifier. The headphone section has its own, dedicated D/A converter. This provides two key benefits. First this allows Hilo to offer a headphone output with exceptional clarity and noise specifications. Second, due to Hilo's internal 32 channel mixer, any input set can be routed to the headphone stereo output. This means that a mix that is entirely different from the analog outputs and monitors can be applied to the headphones.

Hilo displays real-time, accurate metering and analysis. Dual horizontal, VU analog, all I/O and spectrum analysis cover all tasks.

Route anything, anywhere. Set independent input levels, channel modes and mute states for each output. Then set unique level offsets for each output. Truly flexible.

One-to-one monitoring. Independently level-match your 4x4 selected sources, then globally control with the master-volume.

Device-wide settings recall. Save custom scenes for different tasks and switch through them in a click.

No need for extra computer software, change any setting directly on Hilo, such as sample rate, clock source or trims.

Lynx Hilo USB AD/DA Converter Features

  • 3 in one unit AD converter, DA converter and Headphone with its own dedicated D/A converter.
  • Pristine, independently coupled 2in, 6out, AD/DA conversion with digital expansion up to 32x32.
  • Unique touchscreen interface. Forever upgradable through our free firmware updates.
  • Real-time meters and analysis tools, hyper-flexible routing and monitor control.
  • Powered by mains or 9-18v DC battery packs for location recording.
  • Lynx’s class-leading transparent audio quality.

Lynx Hilo USB AD/DA Converter Includes

  • Hilo AD/DA Converter
  • USB Card Pre-Installed
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • One Year Warranty

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  • 4
    Love it
    Adam Straney

    I used to have a Mytek 8x192. It was a great convertor for mastering. I decided to take a switch to this when I got a new Mac with Thunderbolt. Wow. The image opened up. I immediately noticed a more clean and wide soundstage. It became more 3d. It wasn't a huge difference from the Mytek, but it was an improvement and every little bit counts in mastering. If you are looking for a mastering convertor for processing out of the box as well as monitoring, this is the all-in-one solution

  • 5
    Mohammed AlZayer

    The converter I was looking for with great discount It worked like a charm.

  • 5

    PROS: The transparency & neutrality of this unit allows one to make such accurate decisions seem effortless! I can really/honestly hear what's going on! It also runs very stable! CONS: The touchscreen would benefit GREATLY from a more appealing cosmetic/visual update! The graphics make the unit look cheesy. I'd recommend to them, making it look like there desktop remote app!

  • 5
    Sounds Great and Works as Advertised
    George Gissel

    The HiLo is a great sounding ADC/DAC and mic amp that provides the ultimate in flexibility for routing digital and analog signals between your computer and other devices. The front panel touch screen is very intuitive and easy to use. As an added benefit Lynx provides excellent customer support should you need it. Highly recommended. Note: My unit, which was one of the first to be released, had stability issues when it was originally installed in my system. These problems were completely resolved with a firmware update that was released in March. If you purchase a HiLo, be sure you have the latest firmware version (available from the Lynx website).

What We Think


The Lynx Hilo is perhaps the best value in an audio interface / digital converter on the market today. Think about it... how much would you spend on all the various components to accomplish all the necessary tasks that the Hilo will superbly do? Much more! The Hilo is perfectly at home in the recording studio as a stereo mix bus converter, in the field as a compact and relatively portable AD/DA interface and headphone amp, and as someone's primary interface for making music - just add the preamps and monitors of your choice and you're on your way - in style. The touchscreen menus are laid out in a simple fashion and offers incredibly realistic ballistics when displaying the PPM and VU meters. Gotta love the VU needles! But the sound is truly fantastic. Lynx really raised the bar - even for them, considering the legacy of their popular Aurora converters.

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