Lynx AES16e-50 AES50 PCIe Audio Interface

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Lynx AES16e-50
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Lynx AES16e-50 AES50 PCIe Audio Interface

The Lynx AES16e-50 Standard PCI Express Card w/ AES50 Port, AES16e with 32 channels of AES50 I/O plus sixteen channels of sample rate conversion.

The Lynx AES16e-50 offers 16 channels of 192 kHz AES/EBU I/O with up to 32 additional digital inputs/outputs via AES50 technology and 16 ADAT channels via the card’s LStream port. AES50 multi-channel I/O in conjunction with Lynx’s exclusive SynchroLock™ sample clock technology provide a practical solution where cable runs up to 100 meters are required for permanent installation, portable live sound and multiroom recording and production facilities.

The AES16e builds on the capabilities of our industry-standard AES16 with an updated feature set and the benefits of the PCI Express interface. The architecture and higher bandwidth of PCI Express reduces bottlenecks and overhead, which provides higher performance for computer-based high end audio.

The AES16e x1 PCI Express card provides 16 channels of 24-bit AES/EBU digital audio at a 192 kHz sample rate in both single-wire and dual-wire AES modes. Designed to integrate digital consoles, multi-channel A/D and D/A converters, hard disk recorders, digital audio workstations and other digital audio equipment, the AES16e is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The AES16e-50 adds up to 32 digital I/O channels using AES50 technology, carrying the digital signal on standard CAT5 or CAT6 cable.

New Firmware for the AES16e-50 optimizes performance with the PRO Series consoles that feature the AES50 interface. The AES16e-50 provides 24 channels of 96 kHz digital I/O for use with ProTools and Logic software. Up to 72 channels (3 AES16e-50) are supported with this new firmware.

The AES16e-50’s software mixer provides a total of 80 input channels that can be routed to any of the 32 record streams or monitor outputs. Each of the 32 outputs allows mixing of 32 recording monitor sources and 32 playback streams for true 64 x 32 mixing. These extensive routing capabilities are well-suited for patchbay functionality and format conversion between AES/EBU, AES50 and ADAT.

The AES16e-50 x1 PCI Express card is compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems

Front End Audio recommends purchasing this card together with the Lynx LYN-AES16E50KIT External Bracket. This card/bracket provides an external connection for AES50 devices. The bracket requires a slot window in the computer, but does NOT require a free PCI or PCIe slot. If your computer has a slot window that is not associated with a PCI/PCIe slot than that would be an ideal choice.

Lynx AES16e-50 AES50 PCIe Audio Interface Features

  • x1 PCI Express interface works with Macintosh or Windows PCs with PCI Express slots (x1 - x16).
  • Eight stereo inputs and eight stereo outputs (16 mono I/O), AES/EBU format, 24-bit, single wire and dual wire, transformer coupled.
  • 48 I/O channels available via AES50 Port. Recording and playback on 32 channels at 44.1/48 kHz, 24 channels at 88.2/96 kHz, and 12 channels at 176.4/192 kHz using standard CAT5e or CAT6 cable.
  • Additional 16 ADAT I/O channels available with optional LS-ADAT daughter card.
  • Lynx Mixer provides industry-leading processing power (220 MIPS*) to support mixing of 32 inputs and 32 playback channels for each of the 32 outputs.
  • Sixteen channels of sample rate conversion on AES/EBU inputs. Support for conversion ratios up to 16:1 with 144 dB dynamic range and -140dB THD+N.
  • All relevant settings, such as sample rate selection, sync source selection, routing and mixing, and buffer size are controlled and monitored from the host computer.
  • Multi-channel support of 5.1 and 7.1 surround playback formats.
  • Includes Lynx exclusive SynchroLock™ sample clock generator for 3000:1 jitter rejection on external clock sources.
  • Supports ASIO and WDM for Windows and CoreAudio for Mac OSX.

Lynx AES16e-50 AES50 PCIe Audio Interface Specifications

    • AES16e-50: Includes 16 channels of Sample Rate Conversion, AES50 Port
    • Number / Type: Eight inputs and eight outputs, 24-bit AES/EBU format, transformer coupled
    • Channels: 16 in/out in single-wire mode, 8 in/out in dual-wire mode
    • Sample Rates: All standard rates and variable rates up to 192 kHz in both single wire and dual-wire modes
    • Sample Rate Conversion: Sixteen channels available with support for conversion ratios up to 16:1. Dynamic range: 142 dB. AES16e-SRC and AES16e-50 models only.
  • AES50 DIGITAL I/O (AE16e-50 ONLY)
    • Number / Type: One AES50 port, 24-bit audio, 100 Mbit/second data rate on Cat5e or Cat6 cabling
    • Channels
      • 48kHz / 44.1kHz: 48 inputs available to 32 record channels, 32 outputs
      • 96kHz / 88.2kHz: 24 inputs, 24 outputs
      • 192kHz / 176.4kHz: 12 inputs, 12 outputs
    • Core: FPGA-based core contains custom PCI Express bi-directional interface, data routing and formatting, device/stream control, digital mixing, clock routing and control, and DMA engine. Support for field upgrades of firmware
    • Audio Devices: Card is visible to host applications as sixteen record devices and sixteen play devices. Each device has two channels and can be used independently for multi-client functionality.
    • Sources: Any AES/EBU digital input, external word clock (XLR model only) on BNC, internal word clock on header, on-board low-jitter crystal oscillator, AES50 port (AES16e-50 only)
    • SynchroLock: Multi-stage, VCXO-based clock generation system with high jitter attenuation. Wide mode tracks off-frequency clocks, narrow mode generates ultra-low jitter output for standard frequencies.
    • Type: Hardware-based, low-latency
    • Routing: Ability to route any input to any or multiple outputs
    • Mixing: 64 X 32 @ 48kHz and 96kHz, 34 X 32 @ 192kHz
    • Status: Peak levels to -114 dB on all inputs and outputs.
    • Compatibility: Supports Lynx LStream expansion cards including the LS-ADAT 16-Channel ADAT I/O card
    • Type: High-speed serial, up to 16 channels @ 24-bits. 14-pin internal connector.
    • I/O Ports:
      • Two bracket-mounted 26-pin high-density female D-sub connectors for AES/EBU.
      • Board mounted RJ45 jack and accessory RJ45 bracket for AES50.
    • External Clock: 75-ohm BNC word clock input and output provided on XLR breakout cables
    • Internal Clock: Two 75-ohm board mounted 2-pin headers for word clock input and output
    • Windows Drivers: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Server 2008 R2 with SP1 platforms: MME, ASIO 2.0, WDM, and DirectSound
    • Macintosh Drivers: Core Audio for 10.6 (Snow Leopard); 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
    • Mixer Application: Multi-window GUI provides complete control of digital mixer and all hardware settings.
    • PCI Express Bus: x1 connection compatible with x1 to x16 PCIe slots. Version 1.1 compliant
    • Data Transfers: Up to 250 Mbytes/sec using custom 32-channel, zero-wait state, scatter-gather DMA engine. Bus mastering bi-directional PCIe transfers.
    • Size: 5.0” H X 7.4” W X 0.75” D (standard half-size PCI Express card)
    • CBL-AES1604: 26-pin high-density male D-sub to four female XLR’s (AES inputs), four male XLR’s (AES outputs), and two female BNC’s (word clock I/O). Six- foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling. Two required.
    • CBL-AES1605: 26-pin high-density male D-sub to 25-pin male D-sub. Supports 4 channels of input and output. Compatible with devices with standard Yamaha digital I/O pinout for Aurora converters, Yamaha, Apogee, Mackie, and others. Twelve- foot, 110-ohm shielded twisted pair cabling.Two required.
    • For AES50 Port: Cat5e or Cat6 cabling with 8-pin RJ45 connectors

Lynx AES16e-50 AES50 PCIe Audio Interface Includes

  • Lynx AES16e-50 PCIe Card
  • Manual & Literature

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