Little Labs Salt Splitter

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Little Labs Salt Splitter
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Little Labs Salt Splitter

The Little Labs Salt Splitter is a compact, triple-out transformer isolated guitar/instrument splitter and distribution box with instrument and line level input.

The Little Labs Salt Splitter utilizes the same vintage UTC style transformers as the Little Labs PCP, Pepper, and Redeye 3D Phantom. The Little Labs Salt transformer coupling allows complete galvanic ground isolation between instrument outs for the highest quality, lowest noise instrument distribution. It features polarity select and earth lift on each output. Inputs and outputs can be controlled by an optional footswitch. The Little Labs Salt was designed as the perfect companion to the Little Labs Pepper or PCP, adding three more identical instrument outputs that can be used remotely. The Little Labs Salt can be used completely passively with the Pepper or PCP, or as a standalone unit using either the included high quality, linear power supply or standard nine-volt power found on any guitar pedalboard.

Little Labs Salt Splitter Features

  • Premium quality 1-in / 3-out instrument distribution box
  • Send 1 instrument to 3 destinations
  • Transformer Isolated Outputs guarantees total freedom minimal noise and best possible audio fidelity
  • Independent Ground Lift and Polarity Switches for each individual output
  • Power via your pedalboard's 9V Power Supply, or just use the included AC power supply

Little Labs Salt Splitter Specifications

  • Input: 1
  • Outputs: 3 (Transformer Isolated)
  • Switches: Ground Lift and Polarity
  • Power: 9V Power Supply

Little Labs Salt Splitter Includes

  • Little Labs Salt Splitter
  • 9V AC Power Supply

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