Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System

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Line 6 Relay G70
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Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System

The Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System delivers roadworthy performance in a compact yet rugged stompbox format. It supports up to 16 instruments to make switching between multiple instruments easy.

The Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System is stopmbox based system designed to withstand the rigors of the road - performing to the highest standards show after show. The Line 6 Relay G70 includes the TB516G bodypack transmitter, and up to 16 transmitters may be used to make switching between multiple instruments easy.

Great whether you strum a 6-string or hold it down on bass, the Line 6 Relay G70's 24-bit audio, locking 1/4" cable input (no special cable needed!), and rugged metal construction are designed to untether you from your amp and let you rock all over the stage. With 2.4GHz operation and DCL signal protection delivering interference-free performance, one-step setup, and license-free worldwide operation, going wireless with your guitar is easier than ever with the Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System.

Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System Features

  • Best in class sound quality provided by:
    • 24 bit / 48kHz uncompressed digital transmission
    • Best in class DAC and ADC provide super low noise transmission (better than 120dB dynamic range)
    • Breakthrough low latency (< 1.5ms from analog input to analog output) nearly instant response between your fingers and your ears
  • Advanced wireless technology
  • Built-in calibrated, quad-antenna array with advanced dual receiver topology
  • 1/4" Locking jack input on bodypack - uses the locking plug provided or any 1/4” guitar plug you like
  • A receiver designed to accommodate multiple guitar transmitters where switching is as simple as stepping on a footswitch
  • Choice of compact stomp box or amp-top style receiver, for the utmost flexibility in cable routing and access to the user interface
  • Two selectable 1/4" guitar outputs with configurable on/off, gain, and cable tone per guitar or scene
  • Additional dedicated 1/4" “always on” output jack for direct connection to external tuners
  • A breakthrough configurable XLR direct output > 120 dB dynamic range, 24 bit accuracy audio performance and wireless freedom
  • 1/4” Auxiliary input jack on the receiver to connect a wired guitar for ultimate performance flexibility
  • Rugged metal transmitter and receiver construction

Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System Specifications

  • Transmission Range: Up to 200 Feet Line-of-Sight (May Vary Due to Local Conditions)
  • Battery Life: Approx. 8 Hours, Up to 70 Hours of Standby (2x AA Alkaline Batteries)
  • Frequency Scanning: Yes
  • Support For Multiple Transmitters: Support for Up to 16 Transmitters
  • Support For Multiple Instruments: Support for Multiple Instruments via Footswitch Selected Scenes
  • Transmitter Connectors: 1/4 Inch - Locking
  • Receiver Connections: 1/4-inch Input, 2x 1/4-inch Output, 1/4-inch Tuner Out, Balanced XLR Out, USB, 9VDC
  • Power: (5VDC-1A), MicroUSB, 9VDC 350ma Barrel Connection
  • Transmitter Sleep Mode: User-Selectable, Accelerometer-Triggered Sleep Mode Extends Standby Time Up to 10x
  • Controls: Scene Select, Channel Select, Cable Tone, Level Adjust, Output Select, LED Color Selection
  • System Latency: <1.5ms
  • Antennas: Quad Calibrated Internal Antenna Array
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20kHz
  • Dynamic Range: &mt;120dB
  • RF Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Operating Modes: RF3
  • Compatible Channels: Up to 16
  • Transmitter LED Display: Power, Channel
  • Transmitter. LCD Display: n/a
  • Receiver. LED Displays: Power On, Data Link, Audio Status
  • Receiver. LCD Displays: Scene Name (Up to 32 Scenes), Input, Transmitter Channel, Output Routing, Built-in Tuner, Edit Info for All Parameters, RF Status, Transmitter Battery Life, Mute, Firmware Version
  • Power Supply: Universal USB Power Supply (5VDC-1A)

Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System Includes

  • Relay TB516G Guitar Transmitter
  • Stomp Style Receiver
  • 24" Guitar Cable 1/4" to 1/4" Straight TS with Collar Lock
  • USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
  • Universal USB Power Supply (5V-1A) Kit with International AC Adapter Kit
  • Pack of 6 Color Coded Transmitter ID Hex Nuts (Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Aqua, White: 1 Each)
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • Quick Start Manual
  • End User License Agreement
  • 1 Year Warranty

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