Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21 2-Channel AD/DA / Preamp

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Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21
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Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21 2-Channel AD/DA / Preamp

Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel AD / 2-Channel Microphone Preamp / 2-Channel DA

Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21 2-Channel AD/DA Converter and Microphone Preamp Details
The Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21 world class 2 channel AD/DA plus MicPre. This unit includes the M.AD824 2 channel A/D converter, M.DA824 2 channel D/A converter, M.SYNC Master clock sync board, and 2 channel Microphone Preamplifier.

The LavryBlue M∙AD824 AD converter module and M.SYNC board Features
  • 2 channels of sonically transparent Lavry A-to-D conversion
  • Ultra-stable internal crystal operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Narrow external lock for ultra-stable operation at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Wide lock mode for non-standard sample rates or vari-speed operation
  • 24 bit, 16 bit and 16 bit plus dither and ácoustic âit Correctionâ"¢ noise shaping.
  • Analog and Digital Saturation modes allow hotter recording levels
  • Digital level metering with â??clippingâ? indicators and peak hold
  • Reference mode for calibration to studio standard levels
  • SPDIF compatible AES/XLR digital output
The LavryBlue M∙DA824 DA module converter Features
  • 2 channels of sonically transparent Lavry D-to-A conversion
  • CrystalLockâ"¢ mode eliminates the effects of source jitter on conversion
  • CrystalLockâ"¢ and Narrow modes operate at 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz
  • Wide mode accommodates non-standard sample rates and vari-speed
  • Clocking from AES/SPDIF input requires no user settings when changing sample rates and allows the DA module to operate asynchronously and at different sample rates than the AD converter. For example: monitor 44.1 kHz CD and record 96 kHz simultaneously with one 4496 rack.
The LavryBlue Microphone Preamplifier module Features
  • Two channels of professional microphone preamplification
  • Impedance matching for Condenser, Dynamic, and Ribbon micâ??s
  • Super-low noise and distortion over a wide input and gain range
  • Transformerless electronically balanced inputs and outputs
  • Precision Gain setting 21-70 dBâ??s in 1dB steps
  • 48V Phantom power with internal disable for vintage condenser microphones
The MicPre provides state of the art noise performance that accommodates even the weakest microphone signals, and a wide input range for the strongest mic signals. Ultra-low distortions across the complete audio frequency band insure maximum signal transparency at all gain settings.

The MicPre is designed to yield a superior dynamic range even for high source impedance microphones. The transformer free input provides pure and transparent bass, while featuring state of the art in common mode rejection exceeding transformer based units (for elimination of hum and interference pickup). Phantom power per channel is ultra-low noise double shunt regulated for minimum noise and channel separation.

Outside, the no-nonsense controls are extremely user friendly. Each channel is equipped with a 2-digit gain setting display and up/down switch. These individual controls accommodate 21-70dB of gain in 1dB steps. A Gain Pad switch (per stereo pair) changes the gain range to 11-60dB, for higher level inputs or to feed lower voltage analog interfaces. The last gain settings are stored and will reappear at next use.

Each stereo pair has a microphone selection switch (Condenser, Dynamic or Ribbon), for microphone load optimization. Setting to â??condenserâ? activates the phantom power. Internal jumpers allow change from balanced to unbalanced outputs, and for disabling the phantom power when using self-powered vintage micâ??s.

This unit operates with AC power from 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

What We Think - Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-21 Review
"Traditionally, top engineers and studios across the planet have purchased Lavry Engineering digital converters when they DON'T want to hear a digital converter changing their audio in ways that they don't intend. While staying true to the performance reputation of the Gold series (like the AD122, for example), Lavry Engineering's modular Blue series changes the game a little bit. Aside from a completely configurable rackmount modular architecture, the BLUE series still offers some of the finest 'no-artifact' conversion available while also adding features such as 'Analog Soft Saturation' (an analog peak limiter before conversion) and 'Digital Soft Saturation' (analog tape overdrive emulation). Now, you can be protected from accidental 'overs' and/or a little 'character' can be added to the signal. Rest assured that this is no gimmicky feature. Lavry only does it if it's right. My personal experience with Lavry Engineering converters convinced me years ago that Dan Lavry makes some of the finest converters available anywhere... and we're talking about putting two stages of Lavry conversion up against the raw source mix off of a half-inch Studer. The affect of two stages of conversion (AD and DA) was barely detectable. This is practically unheard of... and this was using a Lavry design from about the mid-nineties!  The Blue series really should be considered by anyone who wants to do perfect digital, whether it be for tracking, monitoring, mastering, etc... Lavry Engineering products should be your final stop in your quest."
 - Front End Audio
Front End Audio

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