Kush Omega 500-Series Preamp

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Kush Omega
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Kush Omega 500-Series Preamp

The Kush Omega 500 Series Preamp has a silky smooth, relentlessly musical sound that needs far less processing to glue into a mix.

The Omega’s elegant interface is designed around a big, easy to read knob, and provides five segment tri-colored metering as well as switches for Phantom power, Phase invert and a 20 dB pad. Omega captures a gorgeous, silky smooth, highly detailed sound….but if dirt and grind are needed, the optional Omega Transformer plugs ($29 each) produce vintage colors in spades.

The Kush Omega is designed to provide a silky smooth gorgeous sound, that is widely extended, and highly detailed. However, sometimes you want a sound with less detail and more dirt, less silk and more grind. That is where the Transformer Plugins come into the picture.

If you want even more vintage sweetness, drive, or shimmer, you use Omega Transformer plugins in the mix and the Transient Harmonic Coupling (THC) technology instantly makes anything sound like you recorded it with a vintage API, or a vintage Neve. Or...

Omega Nails the sound of those old preamps, because it was designed as a complete sonic ecosystem. There are no fancy 3D GUI's to fool my eyes, just an unmistakably authentic sound. The Omega Preamp doesn't need the plugins to sound heavenly. The Transformer plugins don't need the Preamp, it adds vintage love to anything. Together, they create an arsenal of tones in a color palette that will continue to expand for years to come.

Kush Omega 500-Series Preamp Features

  • Intuitive Metering
  • Two State LED's
  • Phantom Power
  • Phase Invert
  • 20dB pad
  • Really Big Knob

Kush Omega 500-Series Preamp Includes

  • Kush Omega 500-Series Preamp
  • One Transformer plugin of your choice (either Model N or Model A)

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