Kush Omega 458a Transformer Plug-In

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Kush Omega 458a
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Kush Omega 458a Transformer Plug-In

The Kush Omega 458a Transformer Plug-In has a fat tone that breaks up in a delicious way, growing increasingly crusty but never harsh, turning cymbals from brass to gold, and gluing bass into a molten fiery blob of love.

The Kush Omega 458a represents Kush's first foray into tube modeling and generates a truly next-level distortion, far and away the warmest, smoothest, and most 'alive' distortion plugin we've ever heard, capturing that peculiar 'tube sag' sound when confronted with hard-driven bass transients.

Riding just on the edge of the 458a's breakup can transform something limp into something animated and alive, with a fat bottom and velvety top-end presence that can't be duplicated using conventional eq techniques.

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