Kush Clariphonic MS Equalizer

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Kush Clariphonic MS
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Kush Clariphonic MS Equalizer

The Kush Clariphonic MS Equalizer offer the same mind-blowing sonics of the original Clariphonic, now with all-new state-of-the-art signal routing, built-in Mid-Side processing, MS-inserts, and the added ability to cut as well as boost the expertly tuned FOCUS EQ curves using our new, bespoke 41-step pots.

The Kush Clariphonic MS Equalizer is the successor to everyone’s desert island mix buss processor: the Kush Clariphonic EQ. Featuring the same liquid sonics as the original, Clariphonic MS incorporates all of the most popular user-requested features, and is now so powerful it can extend the functionality of every piece of gear connected to it.

The source of that power is a selectable internal Mid/Side matrix which allow the unit to independently EQ the center and the sides of a stereo mix, enhancing the width of a mix as well as its presence and clarity. Clariphonic MS can also convert an entire rack of conventional signal processors into an MS powerhouse by way of the Mid and Side insert jacks on the back of the unit, which allow any connected processor to function in MS mode as well.

Other new features include 41-step detented pots for fast and accurate recall, a single-switch relay-based Master Bypass, and the ability to switch the midrange Focus bands into a Cut mode which softens and darkens aggressive upper-mids in a way that evokes the sound of analog tape.

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