K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm, 26792.042.56

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K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm
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K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm

K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm, 26792.042.56, is the largest of three different bearing plate sizes offered by K&M for use in conjunction with the K&M 26795 Design Monitor Stand, is designed for supporting larger footprint near/midfield studio monitors, and includes a variety of monitor isolation tools.

The K&M 26792 Bearing plate - structured black, 16.535 x 0.197 x 14.961", 13.991 lbs, for larger monitors, suitable for the design monitor stand 26795. Available in three different sizes (9.45 x 0.2 x 7.87", 12.6 x 0.2 x 11.02" and 16.54 x 0.2 x 14.96").

Includes 4 spikes and 4 rubber knobs.

K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm Features

  • Made of Swiss Steel in Germany
  • Incredibly heavy duty mounting plate for larger footprint studio monitors (near/mid-field)
  • For use with the K&M 26795 Design Monitor Stand

K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm Specifications

  • Material: Steel
  • Product Category: Starline
  • Special features: available in three different sizes
  • Finish: Structured black
  • Dimensions: 16.535 x 0.197 (thickness) x 14.961
  • Weight: 13.991 lbs

K&M Bearing Plate - 420x380mm Includes

  • 1 x Bearing Plate - 420x380mm, 26792.042.56
  • 4 x isolation spikes
  • 4 x adhesive rubber knobs

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