JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder w/ ADAT Optical I/O

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Product Code: 9999-08148
JoeCo BBR1-A

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JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder w/ ADAT Optical I/O

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder (ADAT Optical I/O)

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder Details
The BlackBox Recorder with Lightpipe I/O enables audio capture via a digital mixing console supporting Lightpipe (TOSlink) inputs and outputs. This BBR model can also interface directly with any of the high quality A-D converters that incorporate Lightpipe outputs.

Three 8-channel Lightpipe inputs can be connected from the mixer and three Lightpipe outputs can return the signals back to the mixer. All other BlackBox Recorder features remain unchanged and the full analogue i/o capability of the standard BBR1 is still available for situations where the Lightpipe interface is not suitable.

Note: Due to limitations in the Lightpipe format, use of this option restricts 24-track recording to single speed sample rates (44.1kHz and 48kHz). At double sample rates the unit employs the SMUX2 protocol reducing the i/o count to 12 channels. However, the full 24/24/96kHz facility is still available in the analogue domain.

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder Features

  • Records up to 24 channels at 24 Bit / 96 kHz. (analogue, AES/EBU and Light pipe versions). BBR64-MADI records up to 64 channels. BBR-Dante records up to 32 channels. (Multiple units can be linked together for higher track counts.)
  • Records audio in Broadcast WAV format onto a regular USB2 disk drive, USB Flash drive (FAT32 formatted), or SDHC card via USB2 connector. Built-in formatting facility included.
  • Enables direct import of recorded audio files from the hard drive to any Mac- or PC-based DAW for instant editing and remixing. No file transfer or conversion necessary.
  • Is simple to operate via a sleek front panel menu-driven user interface and touch sensitive controls.
  • Is available in six models; analogue: unbalanced and balanced i/o, digital: AES/EBU and Lightpipe - for use with both analogue and digital consoles, MADI and DANTE.
  • Supports Linear Time Code, MIDI time code and SONY PII (9-pin) control, MIDI Machine Control and AES / SPDIF word clock.
  • Can attach to the insert points of any live console to provide Virtual Sound Check facilities.
  • Includes "fail safe" features for secure audio capture such as playback lockout and preventing accidental Stop.
  • Allows the creation of headphone monitoring mixes, with level and pan on each track (analogue, AES/EBU and Light pipe versions). On MADI and DANTE versions individual channels, or pairs of channels can be monitored on a PFL bus providing both hi-resolution metering and headphone monitoring.
  • Features a QWERTY keyboard interface and Name Manager for easily creating templates and modifying track or song names.
  • Offers enhancements for film, TV and broadcast applications including support for 23.98fps time code, improvements to 9-pin support for edit controllers and support for iXML

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder Specifications

General Specifications

  • Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
  • Bit depths: 16bit; 24bit
  • Disk interface: USB2
  • Format: FAT32
  • File type: Broadcast WAV (BWAV)
  • Media: USB2 hard disk (7200rpm recommended),
  • USB2 flash drive - 200x minimum (except for
  • MADI and DANTE systems which have more
  • demanding data rates), SHDC (Class 10 with
  • suitable adapter except MADI and DANTE)
  • Monitoring: 1 x 1/4â? TRS jack socket,
  • headphone mix/solo
  • Physical: 19â? rack mounted 1U
  • Dimensions: (425mm x 150mm x 44mm)
  • Weight: < 2.4kg

Analog Inputs and Outputs

Balanced i/o via 6 x 25way D-sub connectors. Lower row â?" inputs; Upper row â?" outputs. (TASCAM analogue format, cable looms not supplied). No loop through outputs. Power: 30W PSU supplied. Other connectors as BBR1U

  • Levels: -10dBu / +4dBu switchable
  • Max input level: +22dBu = 0dBFS
  • A-D, DA conversion: 24bit, 96kHz
  • 106dB S/N, 96dB THD+N (typical A-weighted)

Control and Synchronization

  • MIDI: 1 x 5-pin DIN (open loop) â?" MIDI time
  • code (MTC) and MIDI machine control (MMC)
  • protocol
  • LTC: 1 x 1/4â? TRS jack socket:
  • Frame rates supported: 30fps, 29.97drop fps,
  • 29.97non-drop fps, 25fps, 24fps, 23.98fps
  • Machine control: 1 x 9-pin D, SONY PII protocol
  • Audio clock synchronisation: 2 x RCA sockets
  • AES3 / SPDIF Format, also used for
  • communications to slave units
  • Footswitch: momentary switch on ring of LTC
  • TRS socket
  • Keyboard: 1 x mini DIN PS2 connector,
  • Standard 102 key
  • Power: 9v â?" 16V dc (< 25W). 2.1mm dc inlet.
  • PSU supplied

JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A 24-Track Recorder Downloads

What We Think - JoeCo BlackBox BBR1-A Review

"JoeCo BLACKBOX RECORDERS will help keep you from shortening your lifespan due to the extreme toll of the stress associated with live recording. That sounds extreme - doesn't it? Well, it's actually a pretty realistic way to look at it - ESPECIALLY if you have ever tried to multi-track record a show on your own without a limitless budget. Look, I have dealt with lugging a TON of gear out to live venues in order to capture the show in multi-track. Even with some of the best of gear for the studio setting, if it is having to interface with a laptop (even if it is 'audio-optimized', or whatever etc), then chances are you are playing the serious game of 'Reverse-Russian-Roulette' where only ONE chamber is empty. Any number of things can go wrong - and with computers, when it goes wrong... there goes the frickin' show, and all your hard work has been for nothing. And there is nothing worse than having to explain to the band that the computer took a dump during the recording... and THEN having to pack up all that extra gear and lug it out to the car for nothing. If you were hired for the gig, then you lose money and very likely, you'll lose the future work. That in and of itself should make the BlackBox your first priority to acquire for live recordings and archiving.

"And if none of that is reason enough, then I'll tell you this - Your recordings will come out better with the BlackBox because you can FOCUS on the job of getting your microphones placed properly and your levels set to handle unexpected peaks, etc. Otherwise, you're running around like crazy doing that job AND trying to troubleshoot why your driver isn't initializing for whatever reason.

"With all of the available I/O configurations available, there is a JoeCo BLACKBOX to meet your needs. Give us a call and we can help you configure the system that is right for your needs."

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