JK Audio TAP-1 Telephone Audio + Power Adapter

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JK Audio TAP-1
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JK Audio TAP-1 Telephone Audio + Power Adapter

JK Audio TAP-1 Telephone Audio + Power Adapter

JK Audio TAP-1 Details
The Tap-1 is a phone line simulator for simple audio applications, that powers an analog telephone with the required -48 volts DC and separates audio into transmit and receive audio paths. The TAP-1 acts like an RJ-11 wall jack in your home. You may not know it but the telephone company sends power down into your wall jack, and you use it to power your phone. This power is sent over the two wires call Tip and Ring. These two wires form a balanced, two way voice path which can be sent miles with minimal noise and signal loss. This two wire interface can be a burden if you just want to get audio in and out of a telephone without connection to the telephone company. The TAP-1 provides the Tip / Ring interface and -48 volt supply and then separates audio into transmit and receive. This is called a 2-wire to 4-wire hybrid. The bottom line... TAP-1 can be used on TV or film studio sets where a telephone or cordless telephone is used on set and you want to get audio into and out of the telephone. You can also use TAP-1 to test telephones, voice coding algorithms, or phone line equipment. TAP-1 is built to very high specs for laboratory testing use.

Internet Telephone?
You can also use TAP-1 to power a cordless telephone and connect the audio paths to a sound card for use as an internet telephone. Imagine roaming the house as you talk over the internet.

JK Audio TAP-1 Features

  • 600 ohm RCA line in and out
  • Recessed input and output volume controls
  • Hybrid null adjustment optimizes transmit and receive separation to >50dB
  • Put two units back-to-back or through a mixer for TV or film studio recording
  • Put an analog telephone on your sound card for Internet Telephone use

    JK Audio TAP-1 Specifications

    Line Inputs:

    RCA, 600 ohms, 250 mV RMS (-10 dBm nom)


    60 Hz - 15 kHz (+- 3 dB), 120 Hz - 8 kHz (+- 1 dB)

    Line Outputs:

    RCA 600 ohms, 250 mV RMS (-10 dBm nom)


    180 Hz - 12 kHz (+- 3 dB), 300 Hz - 6 kHz (+- 1 dB)

    Phone line:


    AC Impedance:

    510 ohms

    DC Series Resistance:

    480 ohms

    DC Voltage:

    -48VDC (open circuit)

    DC Current Max:

    70 mA (short circuit)

    Trans-Hybrid Loss

    > 50 dB at 1 kHz

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