JJ Audio Apex 460 Premium Modified Microphone

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Product Code: 9999-08291
JJ Audio Apex 460
Availability: Built to Order, Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks

JJ Audio Apex 460 Premium Modified Microphone

The JJ Audio Apex 460 Premium Modified Microphone takes your Apex 460 modification to the next level. This modification includes the Apex 460 and full modification. If you already have an Apex 460 that you would like modified please contact us and we can arrange the modification for you.

JJ Audio is a company dedicated to providing the recording industry with superior microphones. These microphones and mods utilize classic circuitry and the highest quality parts, to fit any budget. Whether you want your microphone modded or a custom microphone JJ Audio can cover your needs.

Please allow a few days for your microphone to ship.All JJ Audio modifications are done to order and every microphone must go through a testing period to ensure you are getting the high quality modification you expect.

JJ Audio Apex 460 Premium Modified Microphone Features

  • Apex 460 Microphone is included with the cost of the modification
  • The original Apex 460 circuit has been modified to be very similar to the original C12.
  • The tube circuit is changed from a cathode follower to a plate follower.
  • The tube will be self biased.
  • 5 Star GE Tube
  • High quality Teflon coated Silver plated Copper wiring through out.
  • Rebuilt power supply with more filtering and better transient response

JJ Audio Apex 460 Premium Modified Microphone Circuit Choices

  • C12: The C12 is an elegant sounding circuit with a very smooth overall character and makes for a grand improvement with the stock 460 capsule. When coupled with the JJ12 (Stock) or the Peluso CEK12 (Optional), the lows are fuller, the mids are smoother and the high end is ethereal by comparison. Female vocals absolutely excel on the C12 circuit; as well acoustic guitar and drum overheads are a favored application.
  • ELA M 251: The ELA M 251 is a more aggressive and forward sounding circuit with extended lows and highs with the stock 460 capsule. Definitely a rock star in its own right, when coupled with the JJ12 or the Peluso CEK12, the circuit takes on a totally different guise and presents the user with a very large and full sounding capture that excels on vocals, acoustic guitar and drum overheads.

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