Izotope BreakTweaker Sound Library: Vintage Machines

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Izotope BreakTweaker Sound Library
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Izotope BreakTweaker Sound Library: Vintage Machines

Izotope BreakTweaker Sound Library

Browse through a treasure trove of heavy, dusty vintage beats and revisit hip hop, trap, upbeat techno, two step, dilla-style off-kilter beats and much more. With samples by world-renowned Goldbaby, Vintage Machines delivers an eclectic range of over 200 samples from the greatest drum machines out there, assembled into a unique collection of throwback fun. With 50 kits to choose from and 12 patterns each, you can mix and match your favorite lo-fi goodness and drop some vintage style into your track. Crunchy beats, head-bobbing sub and just a hint of old-school vibes take you back to the era of the greats.
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