IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb (Download)

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IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb
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IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb

IK Multimedia - Classik Studio Reverb

IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Details
IK Multimedia Classik Studio Reverb is a suite of high-end, studio-quality reverbs modeled after popular outboard classics. Classik Studio Reverb (CSR) gives you 4 types of high-quality reverb plug-ins: Plate, Room, Hall, and Inverse. Each type is designed to emulate the sound of an acclaimed studio reverb unit, delivering the quality and character top engineers have utilized for years. Each one gives you plenty of options, especially in Advanced mode, which gives you up to 100 reverb parameters to tweak, plus the 8x8 Modulation Matrix. Choosing Easy mode puts only the most commonly changed controls on the front panel of the plug-in: Mix, Diffusion, Reverb Time, Low Frequency Gain, High Frequency Cutoff, and High Frequency Dampening.

The Classik Studio Reverb has the look and feel of a typical effects rack with all the necessary controls on the panel. It supports automation and has macro controls that can be used to create complex sweeping changes. All knobs and macro controls can be automated through your host's sequencer.

VST, RTAS, and Audio Unit formats are included for Mac and PC, allowing CSR to work as a plug-in with popular virtual studio environments such as: Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Sonar, Ableton Live, and more.

IK Multimedia CSR Classik Studio Reverb Features

  • Suite of 4 separate reverb units: plate, room, hall, and inverse
  • State of the art DSP-based reverb algorithms
  • 2 operational modes: easy and advanced
  • 6 easy-to-use controls in Easy mode
  • More than 100 adjustable parameters in Advanced mode
  • 8x8 Modulation Matrix in Advanced mode
  • 4 assignable macros per unit
  • Full automation through host sequencer

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