IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange (Download)

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IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange
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IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange (Download)

AmpliTube Orange gives you the best of the best of Orange amplifiers and cabinets for your Mac or PC, in a new collection for AmpliTube Custom Shop from the leader in amp and effects modeling, IK Multimedia.

IK Multimedia Amplitube Orange Details
Crank back the clock some 45 years to the swinging London music scene of the late 1960s, and youâ?ll find a young Cliff Cooper contemplating the creation of amplification of a different sort â" amplification that wouldnâ?t just stand out tonally, but visually, too. Back then, musical instrument amplification was, well, boring, to say the least. Everything looked the same⦠black. Cliff saw opportunity and decided enough was enough â" thus Orange Amplifiers were born.

Flash forward to 2013. AmpliTube Orange® gives you the best of the best of Orange amplifiers and cabinets for your Mac or PC, in a new collection for AmpliTube Custom Shop from the leader in amp and effects modeling, IK Multimedia.

Orange groove
Orange amplifiers are used by professional musicians around the globe, from legendary players like Jimmy Page and Geddy Lee, to relative newcomers like Mastadon, Deception Theory and My Chemical Romance. Whatever style you play, youâ?ll find your tone inside AmpliTube Orange.

Orange crush
If you love the sound of Orange amps, youâ?ll love AmpliTube Orange. You get faithful â?true to the original❠models of some of Orangeâ?s vintage and current dream machines. AmpliTube Orange includes 8 amp models: the AD 200, Dual Terror, OR 50, the Thunderverb 200, the Tiny Terror, the AD30TC, Rockerverb 50 the OR-120 and 9 matching configurable speaker cabinets. It is the definitive collection of Orange gear that every guitarist, engineer and producer should have.

The juice
AmpliTube Orange gives you all the juice you need to fuel your recordings with sweet vintage styled Orange tone. From a light squeeze of overdrive to a full-on screwdriver of distortion, and everything in between, AmpliTube Orange delivers.

Orange â?a-peelâ
Orange amplifiers have been around the music world for over 45 years, providing straight-ahead rock â?n roll tone. And theyâ?ve always looked â?different,❠which makes them the visual stage-amp of choice for musicians around the globe. Now your DAW or computer will sport the famous Orange look every time you want to rock out.

AmpliTube Orange is a collection of the best of the best of Orange amplifiers and cabinets. Every detail of each amp model has been faithfully reproduced, all the way down to the signature hieroglyphic control labels. Orange is the king of â?plug and play,❠and thatâ?s exactly what you get with AmpliTube Orange.

16 years of deconstruction and perfection
It might sound a little â?big-headed❠but weâ?ve been recreating models of high-end vintage esoteric gear for over 16 years now, so weâ?re pretty good at it. In fact, many industry insiders view IK Multimedia as the â?best❠at it. What does that mean for you? Our extensive experience tearing apart vintage gear, analyzing it and reconstructing it, plus the development of our modeling technologies like DSMâ"¢ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) and VRMâ"¢ (Volumetric Response Modeling), give you realism so transparent that youâ?ll think youâ?re playing through the amp in your living room. Itâ?s that real sounding. And only AmpliTube gives you the ability to â?try before you buy.❠You can download full working copies of any of the AmpliTube Orange amps from the AmpliTube Custom Shop and try them out.


  • AD200B MK 3â"¢ Head
  • Dual Terrorâ"¢ Head
  • OR50Hâ"¢ Head
  • Thunderverbâ"¢ 200 Head
  • Tiny Terrorâ"¢ Head
  • AD30TCâ"¢ Combo Amplifier
  • OR120â"¢ Head
  • RockerVerb 50 MKIIâ"¢ Head

  • OBC115 1x15"
  • OBC410 4x10"
  • OBC810 8x10"
  • PPC112 1x12"
  • PPC212 2x12"
  • PPC212 Open-Back 2x12"
  • PPC412 4x12"
  • Tiny Terrorâ"¢ 1x12" Combo
  • AD30TCâ"¢ 2x12" Combo
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