IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp (Open Box)

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IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp

Front End Audio frequently has gear that has been opened. It is likely that we opened the item to show to a customer or to demo in our in-house studio. Regardless, our open box items are just like new and you will be hard pressed to tell that the unit was even opened. These products come with a full manufacturer's warranty, as well as our commitment to service. So if you don't mind an occasional fingerprint or a second layer of tape on the box, then you can grab a great deal today!

The IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp takes the design and sound of the classic Neve 1073, and packages it into a single channel 500 series clone that is as faithful to the original design as possible. The IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp isn't just a familiar look. Identical front panels and knobs are not rocket science, the outside is the easiest thing to replicate. The true beauty of IGS NE573 is in the circuit. The NE573 operates using 24 volts, with Carnhill transformers on inputs and outputs, Grayhill switches and Motorola transistor on the output stage- just like the very first version of the original pre.

IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp Features

  • Carnhill input transformer
  • Carnhill output transformer
  • Motorola transistor
  • Grayhill switches

IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp Includes

  • IGS NE573 500-Series Preamp
  • Manual

What We Think

The IGS NE573 is heavy. It is build strong, all knobs and buttons are solid, detents and steps are chunky, and it is loaded with Carnhill input and output transformers. Right off the bat, you know that IGS (in typical fashion) cut no corners, and put a lot into this preamp. Being that Carnhill came out of St Ives (when St Ives closed up shop), and that St Ives Transformers are what were used in the 1073s, going with Carnhill is 100% the right move. That is the closest you are going to get to the originals. Not only did IGS set out to build a solid unit physically, they set out to create an authentic sound. If you want an amazingly solid and impressively authentic 1073 clone – get the IGS NE573.

- Ryan, Front End Audio

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