Hosa GFT-447BK Gaffers Tape

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Hosa GFT-447BK
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Hosa GFT-447BK Gaffers Tape

The Hosa GFT-447BK Gaffers Tape is what you just plain need in your studio or on your stage. Go crazy with it, we have plenty in stock!

Front End Audio knows this because we're the same way here in our studio and when we mix live shows, which is why we have plenty of Gaffers Tape here and ready to ship for your frenzied-gaffer-taping delight.

Gaffers Tape is quite de rigueur in professional studios and film sets the world over for it's ability to easily tear off into properly sized strips, and to stick extremely well without leaving a residue that you just can't get rid of when you pull the tape off. It's the only way to go when you need to tape down some cables or to hang a PZM mic on the control room window (try it - it's a fantastic sound!). So, quit mucking up your gear with that crappy and gooey roll of silver eyesore duct-tape that you picked up at the hardware store, and get yourself a couple of rolls of Gaffers Tape. Really? Duct tape? How uncouth.

Go crazy. We'll get more.

Hosa GFT-447BK 2x60 Matte Black Gaffers Tape Features

  • Matte black to blend on stage and in the studio
  • What can you do with Gaffer Tape?
    • Tape snakes to the floor
    • Tape cables to stands
    • You can even wrap a short length of gaffer tape around a coil of unused cable as a cable tie
  • It tears easily by hand—no cutting required—and adheres tightly until you remove it
  • You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Hosa GFT-447BK 2x60 Matte Black Gaffers Tape Specifications

  • Model: GFT-447BK
  • Color: Black
  • Width x Length: 2 in x 60 yd

Hosa GFT-447BK 2x60 Matte Black Gaffers Tape Includes

  • 1 x roll of Hosa GFT-447BK 2x60 Matte Black Gaffers Tape

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