Hendyamps Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor


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The Hendyamps Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor provides a wide range of tonal shaping abilities. Not only does it provide the smooth, rich, and dimensional sound of a top shelf tube mic pre; it also doubles as a line driver, allowing you to get all that analog goodness all over your prerecorded tracks. Plus they throw in optical compression with two different modes for all that gooey smooth or meaty aggressive dynamics control you want to bring things to a new kind of life.

The Hendyamps Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor employes an EF806 and a 12au7 for the gain portion of the unit. The signal first enters the Da Vinci by passing through an ultra high fidelity Jensen transformer, and from there moves to the EF806, followed by the 12au7. The signal exits the Da Vinci by passing through another ultra high fidelity Jensen output transformer. The entire unit is completely hand-built, discrete, single ended, and Class A in design, causing it to handle transients and the full range of frequencies in a way that few pieces of studio gear are able to accomplish.

So what is Da Vinci?

  • It is one of the finest tube mic preamps on the planet.
  • It has an outstanding optical compressor.
  • It also takes something you have already recorded, and makes it sound better.

How does it make something I have recorded sound better?

  • It gives you the ability to send your line level signal (mono or stereo) though some tubes and analog circuitry in order to add some serious mojo, compression, or vintage distortion.
  • There is also a variety of tone-shaping options that can be used to manipulate the signal in both preamp and line level operation.

Hendyamps Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor Features

  • Phase Reverse Switch
  • 48v Phantom Power Switch
  • XLR In and Out (Four XLR In - Two for preamp and two for line level, Two XLR Out)
  • DI for each channel
  • True Bypass for line level sources
  • Low Cut Switch
  • High Cut Switch
  • Gain and Trim controls found on the Rembrandt Preamp
  • Switch controlling the mid-range dynamics and sound
  • Optical Compression Controls
  • Signal amplified by an EF806 and 12au7 (for each channel)
  • Jensen Transformers in and out
  • All Hand-Wired, construction
  • Rugged, etched metal faceplate

Hendyamps Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor Includes

  • Da Vinci Tube Preamp & Compressor
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Paperwork and Warranty Information

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