Heil Drum Toms 3 Microphone Package

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Heil The Toms 3
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Heil Drum Toms 3 Microphone Package

The Heil Drum Toms Microphone Package is a Front End Audio exclusive that we put together to give you enough mics to take care of a three-tom drumset.

The Heil PR 31 BW was a suggestion of Bob Workman FOH Engineer for Charlie Daniels who uses Heil microphones exclusively. Bob uses the Heil PR 30 for just about every application but it was too large physically to fit in and around the drum kit so Bob suggested Heil 'cut it in half'. That is exactly what they did and the PR 31 BW was born - a 4" PR 30 that exhibits all specs of the PR 30. Same great frequency response, same wonderful front pattern and the incredible -40 dB of rear and side rejection which is perfect for using the PR 31BW as an UNDERHEAD microphone for cymbals.

This incredible little bombshell is rightfully named, the HEIL PR 31 BW in honor and thanks to Bob Workman.

Heil Drum Toms 3 Microphone Package Includes

  • 3 x Heil PR 31 BW Microphones

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