Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable (2 Foot)

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Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable
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Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable (2 Foot)

Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable 2 Foot

Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable 2 Foot Details
The Hear Technologies CAT5e is a High Performance Patch Cable. Ethernet Cable RJ45 male/male. Applications include: Hear Back, DSL, LAN, Voice, Video, and Data.

Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable 2 Foot Features
  • Meets or exceeds CAT5E specifications. 24 AWG UTP Stranded copper wire.
  • Certified for all Hear Back interconnections.
  • May be used in other applications, whenever CAT5E cables are required.

    What We Think - Hear Technologies CAT5e Cable Review

So youâ??ve got all the high end mics, preamps, cables, acoustic treatmentâ?¦yada yada yada. And maybe you forgot about the most important thing, hearing your music! Hear Technologies and Front End Audio provide excellent tools to really hear whatâ??s going on. Your clients deserve to hear what they need to hear, your bandmates deserve a good monitor mix too. You can try to Frankenstein your own system, or go with the guys who do one thing and do it the best. The Talkback, Mix Back and Hear Back systems are outstanding, clean systems that provide specific solutions for what you need. The support from these cats is TOP NOTCH as well, from setup advice and planning to real support after the sale! Let us know your monitoring needs and weâ??ll bring you the solution on a silver platter.

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