Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp (Open Box)

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Great River MP-500NV
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Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp

Front End Audio frequently has gear that has been opened. It is likely that we opened the item to show to a customer or to demo in our in-house studio. Regardless, our open box items are just like new and you will be hard pressed to tell that the unit was even opened. These products come with a full manufacturer's warranty, as well as our commitment to service. So if you don't mind an occasional fingerprint or a second layer of tape on the box, then you can grab a great deal today!

The Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp packs all of Great River's famous "desert island" sound quality of the ME-1NV and MP-2NV into a double-wide 500 series module. Big sound demands a big footprint. And when you're after all of the power of a true heavyweight, Great River delivers knockout punch! The Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp, a professional quality microphone preamplifier designed to re-create the vintage sound characteristics of the early 1970s large consoles. Modern components give the Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp more clarity, punch and performance under normal use. In addition, features like metering before and after the major gain stages let the user drive it 'hard' to greatly expand the range of sonic options. All microphones will benefit from the power of the Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp, including dynamic, condenser and especially ribbon types. The Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp uses the same audio and metering circuit board found in the NV series preamplifiers. This unit is designed to fit into a '500' series rack using 2 available slots. It receives its power supply from the host rack. The unit is equipped with a HI-Z instrument jack that has its own input amplifier and was designed for 'DI' applications. All specifications and performance details are identical to the NV series preamplifiers with the exception of size, weight, patch jack, -10dBv Out.

Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp Features

  • 'Big Iron Vintage Sound' from custom-wound transformers
  • High-Z input is ideal for bass, guitar, and sound modules (FET-buffered and routed into the input transformer, a Great River exclusive)
  • Gain stage monitoring via dual meters (also a Great River exclusive)
  • Ultra quiet noise floor for outstanding performance at any gain setting
  • Powered by '500' Rack's internal power supply

Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp Specifications

  • /O connections: XLR balanced; high-Z input on front panel (disconnects mic input)
  • Adjustable gain stages: input in 5db steps to 60db; output from -25 to +10db; maximum overall gain 70db; 2 to 3 stages of single ended solid state amplifier gain blocks, depending on gain structure; high-current 70ma Class A bias on output stage
  • Input and output meters on each channel (dual-stage metering is a Great River exclusive)
  • Front panel switches: polarity; phantom power; input impedance (1200 / 300 ohm); output loading (600 ohm resistor across output transformer)
  • High quality, custom wound Sowter transformers
  • Gold plated switching contacts
  • 3 year warranty with registration
  • Mounts within 2 spaces of a '500' rack

Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp Includes

  • Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp
  • Manual & Literature
  • 4 x 500-series Rack Screws
  • 3 year warranty with registration

Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp Downloads

What We Think

The Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp is a one-stop-shop for microphone preamp tonal power for your 500-series frame. Dynamic and Condenser (FET or Tube) Microphones truly love Great River preamps because there really is a power transfer which happens when the mic is run through one. Kick drums, snare drums, and vocals really do benefit from the resulting powerful punch and size. And the tonal shaping capabilities afforded by the impedance and loading switches really add some spice to the dish. Great River's preamps also have the added benefit of having a lot of usable gain staging. So, if you wish to dial in just the right amount of signal to hit the input transformer and drive the rest of the circuit, this preamp delivers incremental and satisfying results in a way which deviates from the norm. As you might have guessed, we cannot recommend the NV-Series mic preamps from Great River highly enough! And if you're committed to the 500-series format, the Great River MP-500NV 500-Series Preamp is a must have, for sure.

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