Genelec M030 Studio Monitors

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Genelec M030
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Genelec M030 Studio Monitors (Pair)

The Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor provides the ambitious and passionate with quality monitors to help make dreams reality.

Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor Details

The Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor provides the ambitious and passionate with quality monitors to help make dreams reality. Genelec has been pioneering loudspeakers to make you sound every bit as good as the professionals. They've set a true benchmark for the music industry, perfecting their pure, accurate sound for over 35 years. And everything they've done has lead to this moment of introducing the M Series.

The Genelec M Series products include several new, innovative technologies to bring you the finest audio quality.


Natural Composite Enclosure

Genelec's pioneering Natural Composite Enclosure (NCE) is made from a fully recyclable fibre composite material. Half of this is wood, which has the right acoustical properties to reduce vibrations and deliver exceptional sound quality. Plus the enclosure is manufactured using injection moulding. This allowed Genelec to optimise the shape and structural rigidity for high-quality acoustical performance. And Genelec also maximised the internal volume; something that's vital for achieving high output at low frequencies.



Intelligent Signal Sensing

Genelec's Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) feature reduces power consumption to less than 0.5 watts by automatically switching the active monitor to standby when no audio signal has been detected for some time. When it receives an audio signal again, the loudspeaker turns back on.


ISS is fully compliant with the latest EU requirements and the ErP 2013 Directive for electronic devices.


Low turbulence reflex port

Uncompressed bass through the new patent pending low turbulence reflex port design, Laminar Integrated Port "" LIP



Class D Amplifier

The need to improve energy efficiency has led to the development of switch-mode operated amplifiers in many areas. Gradually this technology has matured also for demanding audio power amplifiers, and at Genelec, they have chosen to design their own Class D amplifier technology. The M series utilizes these high efficiency, low distortion amplifiers in both channels (Bass and Treble) of each monitor.


Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor Features

  • Designed and built to be truthful to the source and to ensure enduring listening performance
  • Finnish manufacturer of active monitors since 1978
  • Designed by Harri Koskinen
  • The Natural Composite Enclosure (NCE), environmentally friendly Finnish wood composite enclosure combines controlled directivity with minimal diffraction
  • Signal sensing power management for energy saving with less than 0.5 watts of power consumption in Standby mode
  • Low distortion, high output from power-efficient Class D bi-amplification by Genelec
  • Low product lifecycle carbon footprint
  • Individually tested and calibrated according to Genelec's stringent standards
  • Room response controls for easy adjustment to your environment

Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor Specifications

  • Maximum sound pressure level: 103 dB
  • Frequency response: 58 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB)
  • Crossover frequency: 3.0 kHz
  • Driver dimension: Bass 5" + Treble ¾"
  • Amplifier power: Bass 50 W Class D, Treble 30 W Class D
  • Dimensions: H x W x D 273 x 190 x 190 mm, H x W x D 10 ¾" x 7 ½" x 7 ½"
  • Weight: 4.6 Kg (8.8 lbs)
  • Connectors: Combo XLR + ¼" plug + RCA

Genelec M030 Two-Way Active Monitor Downloads

What We Think

"The Genelec M030 and M040 Music Creation M-Series monitors provide a cost conscious alternative for those wanting Genelec quality and reliability without needing to pay for some of the features that are more specific to appealing to the professional studio, engineer, or broadcast facility. But you can rest assured, these monitors are still ALL Genelec when it comes to performance and sound quality. The M-Series differs in regards to some overall specifications than their comparable 8000-series counterparts... but not by much. Their max SPL is about 3dB down and the frequency response on the published graphs stay close within the bounds of the 8000 series' response, but they do differ in regards to their slight peaks and dips. But the fact remains that the Genelec M Series M030 and M040 are quality offerings from Genelec - perfect for the home-studio musician and recordist who wants an excellent quality, reliable monitor without breaking the bank."

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