Fredenstein meterHUB Metering Rack

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Fredenstein meterHUB
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Fredenstein meterHUB Metering Rack

The Fredenstein meterHUB Metering Rack is an essential tool for your audio needs and was designed for studio and live applications. It provides a convenient way to tighten up many lose ends in your Studio!

The Fredenstein meterHUB consists of a four channel VU meter, a very fast USB charger and a XLR and USB3.0 rear to front pass through connections.

The meterHUB makes it very easy to be inserted in your existing signal path. Simply connect the output to be displayed to the female XLR connector and route the male XLR connector of the same channel to its designation (built-in “Y-cable” functionality). To activate USB3 pass through, connect the rear USB3 connector (Micro-B Plug) to your computer and you can connect any USB3 devices, like sticks or dongles, to the front USB3 connector (Standard A Plug). The XLR pass through is intended for to facilitate talk-back or recording in the control room.

Fredenstein meterHUB Metering Rack Specirfications

  • 0 VU level: +4 dBu (American standard studio level)
  • Input Impedance: > 44 kOhm
  • USB Charger: QC3.0
  • Maximum Total Power: 36W

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