FMR Audio RNP Replacement Power Supply

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FMR Audio Power Supply
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FMR Audio RNP Power Supply

Are you looking for a replacement power supply for your FMR Audio RNP? We have them! This is the same power supply as supplied from FMR when you purchase a new unit.

The RNP will run off of either AC or DC as long as the voltage range is within 9-12V (and has a current capacity of at least 1.5Amps). Polarity of the wall-wart connection is unimportant so that you don’t have to worry about that detail either! In addition, if you happen to connect a wallwart that doesn’t have enough “OOMPH!” to power the RNP (like the RNC’s wallwart), the RNP will tell you by periodically flashing it’s front panel LEDs!

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