FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle

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FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle
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FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle

The FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle bundle includes two FMR RNC Compressors and a Funk Logic NCC-1701 Rack Tray bundled together in one convenient, and stylish, 19" rackmount system.

The Funk Logic NCC-1701 is a 19" rackmount unit designed to house two FMR Audio RNC Compressors.

FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle Features

  • Funk Logic NCC-1701
    • Black Anodized Aluminum Front Pane
    • Cool little Button Extensions allow full on/off control for "Super Nice" and "Bypass" modes
    • Counter-sunk holes allow excellent "off-center" viewing of the LED's
    • Crisp White Silk Screened Text (previously gold)
    • Zinc Plated RNC Mounting Tray (pre-assembled)
    • Super Nice/ Bypass Button Extensions
    • Mounting Bolts
  • FMR Audio RNC
    • Stereo compressor in 1/3 rack size.
    • Accurate & repeatable 5-parameter controls.
    • "Normal" mode for serious signal squashing. Very fast attack times allow positive control of percussive sources.
    • "Super Nice" mode for near invisible compression. This mode cascades three stereo compressors in series to reduce compression artifacts.
    • Single TRS-cable attachement to many "insert" jacks.
    • 1/4" TRS sidechain insert for special effects.
    • No audio flows through front-panel controls, permitting short audio runs to avoid hum/noise pickup.
    • Rack-mountable.
    • Rugged extruded aluminum and electro-galvanized steel enclosure.

FMR Audio RNC Funk Logic Bundle Includes

  • (x2) FMR Audio RNC Compressors
  • (x2) FMR Audio RNC Power Supplies
  • (x1) Funk Logic NCC-1701 Rack Tray & Accessories

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    Awesome for the price

    Posted by Bernardo Manzoli on Jun 28th 2012

    It has a very clean signal path. I own more than 20 channels of compressors and I can say that the RNC works very well. I like to use it to limit vocals, as a complement to the Avalon 737. Because Avalon, with a 2:1 ratio, can give a nice glue to every nuance of a vocal, but it will not limit the transients with 2:1 ratio. and here is where RNC shines - it can be so transparent that you can really squash it without lots of VCA distortion (I set a slower release or with the Super Nice mode). I used to limit with a DBX 166, but RNC is much better here. RNC also is good for drum bus and - with super nice mode - to non percussive instruments groups, vocal groups and mastering. For bass guitar and kick drum I prefer the DBX. But in a OTB mix there always will be a good place for one or two RNC.