Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter

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Ferrofish A32
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Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter

The Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter offers 32 Analog Inputs and Outputs, 64x64 MADI and 32x32 ADAT Digital Channels. Designed with professional recording applications in mind the Ferrofish A32 is featured packed and leave little to be desired in a Converter.

The Ferrofish A32 AD/DA converter offers 32 analog inputs and outputs, via eight DB25 connectors. Digital I/O includes SMUX supported ADAT, as well as optical and BNC MADI.

Utilizing Cirrus Logic converters, each analog in and out can be switched from +4dBu, +13dBu, and +20dBu (in groups, or separately). Four full color TFT displays allow you quick (clear and detailed) reference of your settings and levels, so you know what is going on at all times. These displays are further utilized for the user friendly two button accessible interface, to adjust your settings in the system's menu.

In addition to these features, the Ferrofish A32 also includes a headphone output. If you ever wondered what happens on a analog or digital channel you will find the headphone connector very useful. With one touch of the encoder you see the headphone screen. There you can set the volume, and select the source for the headphone output. You can also store up to seven mixes, and just select one to hear it on the headphones.

For the master clock, Ferrofish uses a temperature compensated high-quality oscillator. But also when you use MADI or ADAT as clock source, the digital PLL produces a virtually jitterless sampleclock for the converters. Just listen to the A32, you will hear the difference!

One of the most exciting new features is the fourth generation Sharc DSP chip. This DSP is connected to all 258 analog and digital channels, and is able to freely route and mix all these signals. Besides of that, it can do audio processing, so Ferrofish can expand the features of the A32 easily.

Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter Features

  • 32 Analog ins and outs
    • 32kHz -192kHz
    • Individual delay-compensation of all analog outputs
    • Selectable between +4dBu, +13dBu and +20dBu
  • SMUX Adat
  • (Redundant) MADI
    • Optical and BNC
  • MIDI over MADI
  • BNC Wordclock
  • Four TFT Full Color Displays
    • All 64 analog channels are visible at the same time, peak and level display
  • PLL jitterless sampleclock
  • Headphone Output
  • 4th Gen Sharc DSP
    • 400MHz SHARC DSP processes all 258 audio channels
    • Extensive routing/mixing possibilities for countless applications
  • Two Power Supply inputs (for stability/reliability)
  • Two button menu navigation
  • Preset Management

Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter Specifications

  • MADI I/O:
    • optical + coaxial interface
    • 64 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
    • 32 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
    • 32 channels @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz*
    • * both interfaces work independent to achieve full 32+32 channels
    • MIDI over MADI implemented
    • latency: 3 samples
    • automatic switching between optical <-> coax MADI when signal lost
  • ADAT I/O:
    • 4+4 x optical interfaces
    • 32 channels @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz
    • 16 channels @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz
    • n/a @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
  • S/PDIF:
    • ADAT 4 I/O can be reconfigured as S/PDIF
    • input has sample rate converter included (performance of SRC: -128dB)
    • output follows A32 sample frequency
  • Wordclock BNC:
    • 1 x input, 1 x output
    • 75 Ohm Termination switchable for input
  • MIDI I/O:
    • two DIN5 jacks for remote
    • conversion MIDI <-> MIDI over MADI possible
  • A/D Converter:
    • 4 x CS5368 (Cirrus Logic)
    • 4 x DSub25 / Tascam
    • analog switches: +20dBu, +13dBu, +4dBu
    • digital gain: +20dBu...-8dBu, 1dB steps
    • S/N: 114dB
    • THD+N: -105dB
    • interchannel isolation: 110dB
    • latency @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz: 12/fs (0.25ms @48kHz)
    • latency @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz: 9/fs (0.09375ms @96kHz)
    • latency @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz: 5/fs (0.026ms @192kHz)
    • OpAmps: RC4580 + OPA1664
    • level indicator: TFT screen, 28 levels
  • D/A Converter:
    • 4 x CS4365 (Cirrus Logic)
    • 4 x DSub25 / Tascam
    • analog switches: +20dBu, +13dBu, +4dBu
    • digital gain: +20dBu...-8dBu, 1dB steps
    • S/N: 114dB (A-weighted)
    • THD+N: -100dB
    • interchannel isolation: 110dB
    • latency @32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz: 7.8/fs (0.1625ms @48kHz)
    • latency @64kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz: 5.4/fs (0.05625ms @96kHz)
    • latency @128kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz: 6.6/fs (0.034375ms @192kHz)
    • OpAmps: RC4580 + OPA1664
    • level indicator: TFT screen, 28 levels
  • USB:
    • USB 2.0 for remote, update
    • Headphone output:
    • independent channel
    • select any mono or stereo source
    • select one of 5 mixes of all inputs and outputs
    • digital volume control
  • Audio Processor:
    • Sharc DSP ADSP-21489 / 400MHz
    • Routing of all 128+128 channels
    • Mixing to headphone output
    • DSP plugins (not available yet)
  • PLL:
    • digital controlled PLL / Jitter reduction system
    • output jitter: 50ps ... 100ps typ.
  • Internal Clock:
    • temperature compensated oscillator, with high accuracy
    • initial accuracy: +/-1.5ppm
    • over temperature range: +/-2.5ppm
    • aging: +/-1ppm
  • Preset management:
    • 7 presets
    • each preset holds routing, input gains, output levels
    • part of the preset (routing, gains, levels) can be selected when loading
    • Lock feature:
    • unit can be (un-)locked using a factory set secret 6 digit number
  • Power supply:
    • 2 x input jacks with screw lock for redundant power
    • voltage supervision, warning message on screen when PSU input fails
    • 1 x power supply included, 12V, 3A

Ferrofish A32 AD/DA Converter Includes

  • A32 AD/DA Converter
  • IEC Power Cable
  • User Guide / Manual & Literature
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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