Ferrofish A16 MkII AD/DA Converter


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The Ferrofish A16 MkII AD/DA Converter is a fantastic update to the already fantastic Ferrofish A16 AD/DA Converter. Designed with professional recording applications in mind, the A16 MkII is a feature packed converter leaving nothing to be desired.You just gotta hear the Ferrofish A16 MkII to know the difference!

Besides improving the excellent audio performance of the A16, Ferrofish also added some exciting new features. For example, the two TFT displays make configuration and control a breeze, and with the new MADI interface its easy to cascaded units to further increase the overall I/O of the system.

The 1RU unit features 16 balanced TRS I/O with 24-bit 192 kHz conversion and utilizes a 32-bit high performance ARM processor. It also features optical MADI I/O including MIDI over MADI, BNC Word Clock in and out, as well as 2x ADAT for an additional 16 channels of digital I/O.

Ferrofish A16 MkII AD/DA Converter Features

  • Analog: 16 balanced TRS I/O – 24 bit / 192 kHz converters
  • MADI: optical MADI I/O (incl. MIDI over MADI)
  • ADAT: 2 x ADAT I/O (16 ch
  • BNC Wordclock
  • Two TFT displays with high-res level metering on all inputs and outputs
  • Input-gain and output-levels individually adjustable for each channel
  • 32 bit high performance ARM(TM) processor
  • Easy channel assignment with the graphical routing software
  • Preset management
  • Key lock
  • SMUX control
  • Remote software for the A16 MK-II via MIDI or MADI (MIDI over MADI)
  • Cascading of multiple A16 MK-II via MADI

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What We Think


The new Ferrofish A16 MK-II is a fantastic update to an already fantastic multi-channel AD/DA converter. We've been users and big proponents of the original 'Creamware' A16 Ultra for years. We feel that the Ultra gave a lot of bang for the buck for someone looking for a 16 channel converter with built-in ADAT I/O connectivity to their interface. However, ADAT has it's limitations and we felt that this kept the Ultra locked into the middle ground - a great step up converter, but perhaps not something that was going to be where you would end up long term. "Now with the Ferrofish A16 MK-II, MADI connectivity has been added in place of the Z-Link of the older units. MADI will allow you to work at rates up to 192kHz now, transmitting full channel counts. There is now also two LCD displays on the front panel to allow full I/O metering. They may be small, but these meters are crystal clear and actually very easy to read, though maybe not from across the room. No big whoop, though. The thing sounds very, very good. "And if you match this up with the Sonic Core Scope Xite-1 DSP Interface, you will have a ridiculously powerful system that rivals (and surpasses in many ways) even the most popular and most well recognized systems for flexibility and processing power - all for a fraction of what those other systems cost, AND you can run it on a laptop. Seriously, the Scope Xite-1 has 16 SHARC processors (12x 333MHz and 6 x 66Mhz for compatibility) in it! Not to mention, it also comes loaded with some of the best "plug-ins" and virtual instruments you've ever heard. Sonic Core is a company to not only watch, but to get on board with!

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