Eve Audio SC203 Monitors (Pair)

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Eve Audio SC203
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Eve Audio SC203 Monitors

The Eve Audio SC203 Monitors provide a small footprint but offer a big sound. Featuring high quality components, the Eve Audio SC203's are the perfect solution for professional desktops with a limited amount of physical space.

The Eve Audio SC203 Monitors guarantee the best performance and high resolution from such a small profile set of speakers. The Eve Audio SC203 becomes one of those few examples where small also means powerful. To further extend its flexibility, each speaker is provided with the FlexiPad, a v-notch shaped orange rubberized pad that allows you to decouple the speaker from its base and angle it precisely at 0°, 7,5° or 15°. The included Eve Audio's SC203 Mounting Adapter enables you to mount your speaker directly on any microphone or speaker stand that features a 3/8" thread. And why not combine it with Eve Audio's threaded wall mount adapter, and place your speaker directly on a wall, where it may be more convenient for your own space? The Eve Audio SC203 Mounting Adapter even makes good use of the included FlexiPad: by placing the FlexiPad between the speaker and the mounting adapter you are further decoupling unwanted resonances, and can even better arrange orientation for upright positioning at 0°. As expected, all necessary mounting screws are included.

Tech Talk
When using woofers in small desktop speakers, some special considerations have to be taken into account. To meet the demands of a precise reproduction in the low frequency region, Eve Audio has developed a 3" woofer coupled with a 1" voice coil capable of handling a longer linear excursion. With a 16 mm-height voice coil, a linear, back and forth, swing of ±5mm is easily achieved. However, this requires an appropriate multilayer paper membrane material that is capable of withstanding such rigorous use while maintaining consistency. After numerous careful tests, coated paper turned out to be the very best solution in order to meet this demand for low resonance, stability and transmission linearity. From then on, the entire construction design met all the necessary requirements that such small woofers usually entail, including having a chassis basket permeable to air in order to minimize distortions. The large driver magnet works as a powerful "engine" so as to keep the woofer stable, even in border areas. A passive radiator – which you could simply think of as a passive speaker that moves through the force of air – located at the backside of the Eve Audio SC203, reinforces the reproduction of low frequencies and allows the speaker response to go down as low as an impressive 62Hz (-3dB) with very low distortion. Each Eve Audio SC203 setup is configured as a 2-way master-slave system, and features four power amplifiers. Each woofer and tweeter gets its own dedicated 30W PWM amplifier with separate filter section for precise control. And for optimal connectivity, the Eve Audio SC203 houses three inputs – analog RCA, digital optical and USB – which will allow you to conveniently connect a wide range of sources. Furthermore, a volume controlled subwoofer output lets you connect an additional subwoofer (TS107 and TS108) to the master speaker and create a powerful 2.1 system. A DIP switch located at the speaker's back panel allows you to select the Eve Audio SC203's to work as "satellites" from 80Hz and upwards, or as a full range units.

The µA.M.T. Tweeter
The simple goal of bringing the sound quality, low distortion and high resolution of Eve Audio's now famous A.M.T. tweeter to a much smaller format speaker took them on a many-month journey to find the perfect solution for the Eve Audio SC203. In the end, a new tweeter was born: the new µA.M.T. This high resolution µA.M.T. delivers an astonishing high frequency resolution combined with extraordinary precision and clarity. The folded membrane of this high resolution µA.M.T. is only 400mm² in surface area, about less than half as Eve Audio's RS1 tweeter (which is used, for example, in the SC204 speaker). An integrated waveguide helps create an optimal dispersion pattern over a wide frequency range. No fighting over your sweet spot with this tweeter! To complete the system, Eve Audio has used strong neodymium magnets, coupled with a magnetic holder and membrane holder optimized for very low distortion values at the specified SPL. As usual with EVE Audio, no cutbacks were made to save money at the expense of a high quality tuned system. Non-detachable loudspeaker grilles protect both, woofer and µA.M.T. tweeter against damage.

With every EVE Audio speaker, you also get high resolution DSP electronics. One push knob operation and you will have access to accurate volume control, balance and several different filter settings (High shelf, Low shelf, LED brightness, Input selector and Speaker-Position such as Flat, Desk and Console) to tailor your set up comfortably and with ease to the way you work. A LED indicates clearly the status of each setting you have chosen. And if you always avoid digital processing, Eve Audio has got you covered. The DSP engine is supported with a high quality 192kHz/24bit A/D converter from Cirrus Logic, which delivers a pristine signal to the DSP section. And since the PWM amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP, no additional conversion is necessary. When the optical digital input is used, the Cirrus Logic converter is removed from the audio path to avoid any additional conversion.

Passive Radiator
Passive radiator technology can be simply understood as having a passive woofer unit, along with the main active driver that does most of the work. This way, the internal air pressure generated by the active driver is used to move the passive radiator in order to reproduce lower frequencies than standard speakers with similar dimensions. Also, the reason you don't usually see this kind of technology in smaller pro-audio systems is mainly because of cost and engineering concerns. Passive radiators are more expensive and not so easy to precisely tune them. Another advantage of Eve Audio's passive radiator is the complete elimination of all audible noise related to air turbulences, as there are no reflex tubes involved with this design. Unwanted pipe resonances (at multiples of half the fundamental wavelength), which are unavoidable with two-sided pipe openings, are eliminated this way. Eve Audio has also built a custom suspension for the passive radiator, which exerts a restoring force underneath its tuning frequency, thereby reducing inaudible excursions of the speaker into the subsonic range. This results in reduced intermodulation distortion in the audible spectrum. In short, thanks to the passive radiator technology being used (and a few more engineering secrets, of course), the Eve Audio SC203 works and behaves as a fully fledged full- range speaker, with precise bass reproduction and a very small footprint.

Eve Audio SC203 Monitors Features

  • A small but powerful master/slave loudspeaker system
  • The perfect solution for professional desktops with limited space and also for discerning home and gaming users
  • 3” Multilayer woofer capable of handling long linear excursions
  • A full-fledged active system including four power amplifiers
  • Both loudspeakers are equipped with a rear passive radiator to allow the speaker response to reach 62Hz without bass-reflex wind noise
  • The system is controlled by a high-resolution DSP
  • Provides you with 3 selectable inputs (analog RCA, digital optical, USB up to 96kHz) and a subwoofer output to create a powerful 2.1 surround system
  • FlexiPads decouple the desktop loudspeakers from their base and angle them precisely at 0°, 7.5° or 15°
  • Can be mounted to a microphone or speaker stand or on a wall

Eve Audio SC203 Monitors Specifications

  • Description: 2-Way Master/Slave System
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): (116 x 190 x 134)mm, (4.56 x 7.48 x 5.27)inches
  • Free-Field Frequency Range (-3dB): 62Hz - 21kHz
  • Tweeter: µA.M.T.
  • Mid-Woofer: 75mm/3"
  • Cross-Over Frequency: 4800Hz
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m: 94dB
  • Number of Amplifiers: 4
  • Output Power (Woofer): 30W
  • Output Power (Tweeter): 30W
  • Protection Limiter: Yes
  • Settings:
    • Volume: -inf. - +6dB
    • High-Shelf Filter (-5dB - +3dB): > 3kHz
    • Position Filter: Flat, Desk, Console
    • Low-Shelf Filter (-5dB - +3dB): < 300Hz
    • LED Brightness Setting: Yes
    • Input Select: Yes
    • Input Level Dip Switch: +8dBu/+22dBu
    • Standby Dip Switch: Locks cont. Mode
    • Satellite Filter Dip Switch: 80Hz High-Pass Filter
  • Connectors:
    • RCA In (Impedance): Left-Right (10k)
    • Digital Optical In: TOSLink
    • USB In: Type B
    • RCA Subwoofer Out: Yes
    • Power Consumption: Standby < 1W, Full Output 110VA
  • Backmounting Thread Inserts: Yes
  • Mic Stand Thread Inserts: Yes
  • Weight kg/lb.: Master 1.9 / 4.19, Slave 1.7 / 3.75, FlexiPad 0.19 / 0.86

Eve Audio SC203 Monitors Includes

  • 2 x Eve Audio SC203 Master/Slave Monitors
  • 2 x Mounting Adapters
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Stereo Link Cable
  • External PSU
  • 2 x FlexiPad
  • Product Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty

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