EastWest Hollywood Orchaestral Percussions (Gold Edition)

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EastWest Hollywood Orchaestral Percussions
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EastWest Hollywood Orchaestral Percussions (Gold Edition)

The EastWest Hollywood Orchaestral Percussions Gold Edition is the fourth installment of the Hollywood series. The 16-bit library was designed from the start to be the orchestral percussion library that works with the other libraries in the Hollywood series to provide the sound of a traditional and large studio orchestra.

The performance for the recording sessions featured one of America's very best orchestral percussionists and his arsenal of instruments, including orchestral percussion staples like timpani, snare drums, cymbals, bass drums, and metals. An extensive array of anvils were sampled along with orchestral chimes that mimic the sound of real church bells. Also included is a celeste. The library utilizes repetition sampling and eight-way round robin techniques to deliver a virtual live performance, while focusing on the speed of a performance with specific samples to handle extreme tempos.

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